Datlow Shares ToC for Best Horror of the Year, Volume 16

Ellen Datlow has revealed the table of contents for The Best Horror of the Year Volume Sixteen, to be released later this year by Night Shade.

  • “The Importance of a Tidy Home” by Christopher Golden
  • “Dodger” by Carly Holmes
  • “Rock Hopping” by Adam L.G. Nevill
  • “That Maddening Heat” by Ray Cluley
  • “Jack O’Dander” by Priya Sharma
  • “The Assembled” by Ramsey Campbell
  • “R is For Remains” by Steve Rasnic Tem
  • “The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs” by E. Catherine Tobler
  • “Return to Bear Creek Lodge” by Tananarive Due
  • “The Enfilade” by Andrew Hook
  • “Lover’s Lane” by Stephen Graham Jones
  • “Hare Moon” by H.V. Patterson
  • “Build Your Houses With Their Backs to the Sea” by Caitlín R. Kiernan
  • “The Scare Groom” by Patrick Barb
  • “The Teeth” by Brian Evenson
  • “Nábrók” by Helen Grant
  • “The Salted Bones” by Neil Williamson
  • “Tell Me When I Disappear” by Glen Hirshberg
  • “The Motley” by Charlie Hughes

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