Datlow Shares ToC for Best Horror of the Year, Volume 16

Ellen Datlow has revealed the table of contents for The Best Horror of the Year Volume Sixteen, to be released later this year by Night Shade.

  • “The Importance of a Tidy Home” by Christopher Golden
  • “Dodger” by Carly Holmes
  • “Rock Hopping” by Adam L.G. Nevill
  • “That Maddening Heat” by Ray Cluley
  • “Jack O’Dander” by Priya Sharma
  • “The Assembled” by Ramsey Campbell
  • “R is For Remains” by Steve Rasnic Tem
  • “The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs” by E. Catherine Tobler
  • “Return to Bear Creek Lodge” by Tananarive Due
  • “The Enfilade” by Andrew Hook
  • “Lover’s Lane” by Stephen Graham Jones
  • “Hare Moon” by H.V. Patterson
  • “Build Your Houses With Their Backs to the Sea” by Caitlín R. Kiernan
  • “The Scare Groom” by Patrick Barb
  • “The Teeth” by Brian Evenson
  • “Nábrók” by Helen Grant
  • “The Salted Bones” by Neil Williamson
  • “Tell Me When I Disappear” by Glen Hirshberg
  • “The Motley” by Charlie Hughes

Datlow Shares Cover for Best Horror of the Year Volume Fourteen

Editor Ellen Datlow has unveiled the cover for The Best Horror of the Year volume Fourteen.

With each passing year, science, technology, and the march of time shine light into the craggy corners of the universe, making the fears of an earlier generation seem quaint. But this light creates its own shadows. The Best Horror of the Year chronicles these shifting shadows. It is a catalog of terror, fear, and unpleasantness as articulated by today’s most challenging and exciting writers.

It will be released October 4. Available for pre-order at many outlets, links on the official publisher page here.

Table of Contents

  • Summation of the Year 2021—Ellen Datlow
  • Redwater — Simon Bestwick
  • Caker’s Man — Matthew Holness
  • Black Leg — Glen Hirshberg
  • The Offering — Michael Marshall Smith
  • Fox Girl — Lee Murray
  • Shuck — G. V. Anderson
  • The Hunt at Rotherdam — A. C. Wise
  • Dancing Sober in the Dust — Steve Toase
  • The God Bag — Christopher Golden
  • The Strathantine Imps — Steve Duffy
  • The Quizmasters — Gerard McKeown
  • All Those Lost Days — Brian Evenson
  • Elephant Subjected to the Predations of a Mentalist” – Dir. B.S. Stockton, 1921
  • And Ol’ Will’s Birthday Bash and Dither Family Reunion” – Dir. Various, 1952.
    • Jonathan Raab                                                                                
  • Three Sisters Bog — Eóin Murphy
  • The Steering Wheel Club — Kaaron Warren                                     
  • The King of Stones — Simon Strantzas
  • Stolen Property — Sarah Lamparelli
  • Shards — Ian Rogers
  • Chit Chit — Steve Toase
  • Poor Butcher-Bird — Gemma Files
  • Trap — Carly Holmes
  • I’ll Be Gone By Then — Eric LaRocca
  • Jack-in-the-Box — Robin Furth
  • Tiptoe — Laird Barron
  • Honorable Mentions
  • About the Authors
  • Acknowledgment of Copyright
  • About the Editor