Del Arroz Says Trial Date Set in Suit Against 2018 Worldcon

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Socrates P. Manoukian held a trial setting conference today in Jon Del Arroz’ suit against the 2018 Worldcon committee (Jonathan Del Arroz vs San Francisco Conventions, Inc. et al).

According Del Arroz, the suit will go to trial on June 14, 2021.

Of the 19 defendants originally named in Del Arroz’ lawsuit against Worldcon 76, only San Francisco Science Fiction Convention Inc. is still before the court, the rest having been dismissed last year. SFSFC Inc. is the parent corporation of Worldcon 76 (2018).

In February 2019, the court tossed four of the five causes of action in Del Arroz’s lawsuit against Worldcon 76’s parent corporation. The case continues on the fifth complaint, defamation.

17 thoughts on “Del Arroz Says Trial Date Set in Suit Against 2018 Worldcon

  1. Given all of the screenshot documentation that SFSFC undoubtedly has of JDA engaging in harassment and abuse of SF authors and fans on Twitter, I can’t wait to see the judge’s ruling on this. It’s pretty hard to “defame” someone who has already thoroughly ruined their own reputation.

    And given all of the bragging he’s done about how many books he’s been selling, he’s going to have an extremely difficult time proving material damage. 😀

  2. Somehow I think it’ll get continued.
    Now they are in the discovery phase, and the parties must exchange questions and answers, and cough up all their evidence, and familiarize themselves with court reporting bills now that they’re going to have to start taking depos.

  3. Camestros Felapton: I’m confident they’ll save their best evidence for when the appeal reaches the Supreme Court.


  4. @Camestos Felapton ROFL! It’s certainly an odd time we live in, when non-lawyer science fiction fans who live outside the US know more about the basic mechanisms of the US Judicial system than (for example) lawyers representing the president of the US…..

  5. It looks like the convention has plenty of proof that this guy is a bad actor so why is he doing this?

    I remember there was supposed to be some sort of demonstration at the con. There were fans with. pink t-shirts volunteering to escort those who could be scared. I left the side door avoiding all of this. I never saw a demonstration but the San Jose PD were all in tactical gear looking like extras out of District 9.

  6. @Linda Robinett – There was a demonstration because I was there as a counter-protester. Basically a bunch alt-right douchebags showed up to shout at a bunch of black bloc antifa with SJPD in the middle keeping the two sides apart. I don’t think the alt-right even was really sure why they were there except trying to frame people attending the convention as being pro-pedophilia.

  7. Mike Glyer on December 2, 2020 at 2:43 pm said:

    I watched the alt-right demonstration at Worldcon 76 and wrote a post about it that day if anyone is interested.

    Thanks for the link! Rereading the comments on that post from the point where the conversation turned to polices of criminalizing protestors in masks was, from our current Plague Year vantage point, very odd.

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