Galaxy Quest Being Developed As Series

Galaxy Quest poster.

Galaxy Quest poster.

Cancelled fictional TV show Galaxy Quest may return to the medium it was never on in the first place. Deadline reports Paramount Television is putting together a series project based on the 1999 movie and involving key players from the film.

The feature’s Hugo-winning screenwriter, Robert Gordon — expected to write the TV version — director, Dean Parisot, and producer Mark Johnson are anticipated to be executive producers of the potential TV series, along with Melissa Bernstein.

Meanwhile, Tony Shaloub says he’d “Never say no” if there’s ever a Galaxy Quest 2.

[Thanks to David Klaus for the link.]

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6 thoughts on “Galaxy Quest Being Developed As Series

  1. Yeah. What the guy above said. Much as I’d love this to work, I have doubts … and one of them is that the show would end up on some premium cable channel that would cost me $40 a month more to subscribe to, so I’d never see it anyway.

  2. The light touch, the satire and serious elements were the reasons why the movie was successful, and trying this balancing act on a routine regular basis just doesn’t sound promising. What the film was, and continues to be, is a surprise. Nothing ruins surprises more than TV.

  3. I wasn’t sure how good the Fargo TV series would be given what a gem the Coen’s Fargo film was, but it wasn’t just good, it was great. So sometimes TV doesn’t ruin a good thing.

  4. You mean like the 3rd Season of Star Trek, the Original series? Or ANIMAL HOUSE? CASABLANCA? SERPICO? FERRIS BUELLER? STARMAN?

    Have not seen FARGO….but I’ll also toss in BUFFY–based on a film.

  5. If I tell a joke once, it is funny. If I tell it twice, we remember. If I tell it three times, it gets a bit dreary. If I tell it every week fourteen weeks running I’m ruining a good joke.

    This is a terrible idea.

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