Giles Wins 2022 Arthur C. Clarke Award

Deep Wheel Orcadia by Harry Josephine Giles is the winner of the 2022 Arthur C. Clarke Award for science fiction book of the year.

The winner was revealed at an award ceremony hosted by the Science Museum, London, and the prize presented by Dr Glyn Morgan, lead exhibition curator for the museum’s current exhibition Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination.
Chair of the Judges, Dr Andrew M. Butler said:

This year the judges considered about a hundred novels with remarkable commitment and rigour. Every stage of zooming in on the winner was the conversation of informed readers at the top of their game. Deep Wheel Orcadia is the sort of book that makes you rethink what sf can do and makes the reading experience feel strange in a new and thrilling way. It’s as if language itself becomes the book’s hero and the genre is all the richer for it. 

Harry Josephine Giles receives a trophy in the form of a commemorative engraved bookend and prize money to the value of £2022.00; a tradition that sees the annual prize money rise incrementally by year from the year 2001 in memory of Sir Arthur C. Clarke.
The judging panel for the Arthur C. Clarke Award 2022 were:

  • Phoenix Alexander and Dr Nicole Devarenne for the Science Fiction Foundation
  • Crispin Black and Stark Holborn for the British Science Fiction Association
  • Nick Hubble for the SCI-FI-LONDON film festival

Dr Andrew M. Butler represents the Arthur C. Clarke Award directors in a non-voting role as the Chair of the Judges.

[Based on a press release.]

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2 thoughts on “Giles Wins 2022 Arthur C. Clarke Award

  1. Indeed and along with other BSFA Officers (and other fen there) present, the evening Awards event was excellent! Congrats to the finalists, our thanks to the judges (and their huge tireless need to sift though the many entrants to get to the final short-list) and of course to the Winner for 2022!! Immediately prior to the Award Ceremony itself, a no of us were invited to view the Science Museum’s new SF Exhibition (and it is on there until 3 May 2023). This differs from the two previous such Exhibitions (in 2011 at the British Library and in ?2013? at The Barbican Centre). Herein are included costumes from Alien, Fifth Element and Star Trek The Motion Picture. Together with the Exhibition there is a joint Science Museum /Thames+Hudson hardback book (ISBN : 9780500252390) at UK£ 30. Go on sciencemuseum(dot)org(dot)uk for data on the Exhibition and thamesandhudson(dot)com for data on the book. File 770 readers from non UK£ countries may like to note that –with the UK Pound Sterling currently in turmoil against other currencies– SF events in the UK are –now– currently good value to book: (1) UK NatSFCon Eastercon/Conversation [ Fri 7- Mon 10 April 2023 inclusive: Hilton Metropole Hotel, NEC Site, Birmingham, UK (nearest Airport : Birmingham [ BMX ], nearest UK National Rail Station : Birmingham Intl (NOT New St). Website: conversation2023(dot)org(dot)uk ]; (2) the above Science Museum Exhibition (nearest London Tube Station: South Kensington). And of course –for booking membership: (3) (confirmed) Glasgow Worldcon 2024 (Thu 8 -12 August), SEC Glasgow. Website: glasgow2024(dot)org. ….best wishes..

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