Journey Planet 70: Chinese Science Fiction and Space Dual Language Issue Part 2

Regina Kanyu Wang, Yen Ooi and Arthur Liu join Chris Garcia and James Bacon to co-edit an issue of Journey Planet dedicated to Chinese science, science fiction, space and fandom, with over 20 articles and interviews, all both in Chinese and English in parallel text. 

This issue has exceeded expectations in regard to volume of content, and the editors decided that they would split the issue into two parts. Part 1 was released on December 31, and Part 2 now. The dates are chosen to connect both the western and Chinese New Year, echoing with the initial intention of this issue, to build a cultural bridge.

Part 2 features a cover art Three Worlds by Sinjin Li. The artist designs the symbol on the flag, which represents an eye straining to perceive all three dimensions at once – above / on / below, past / present / future etc.

The issue can be found here.

Following the contents on game, location, fiction, movie, and art in Part 1, Part 2 includes contents on art, comic, animation, fan, space, and more. Contents in this issue include: 

1. Space is Terrifying – Interview with Sinjin Li
Interviewer: Mia Chen Ma and Yen Ooi
Translator: Olivia Cat

2. Revamping Sci-Fi Writing Through Sci-Fi Art: An Introduction to “Morning Star Cup”, China’s Original Science Fiction Art Competition
Author: Ma Guobin and Zhao Hongyin
Translator: Ana Padilla Fornieles

3. Ten Thousand Worlds in the Nijigen Universe
Author: Fly Cat
Translator: J. Xu

4. A Review on Night Bus by Zuo Ma
Author: James Bacon
Translator: Lin Pingxiu

5. A Review on Split Earth by Joey Yu, Zephyr Zheng and Monica Ding
Author: James Bacon
Translator: Que Shizi

6. Space Food, Future Food, and Food in Science Fiction
Author: Qian Cheng and Serene Hu
Translator: Andy Yang, Serene Hu, and Chen Qinglong

7. From a SF Fan to a SF Entrepreneur- An Interview with Sun Yue
Interviewer: Regina Kanyu Wang
Translator: Kelly Zhang

8. A Brief History of Science Fiction Societies in Chinese Universities
Author: RiverFlow
Translator: Stefan Harvey

9. A Brief History of the Development of Chinese SF Fanzines
Author: RiverFlow
Translator: Ana Padilla Fornieles

10. The Humanity in the Future: A Viewpoint Developed after Meeting with Russian and the U.S. Astronauts
Author: Tan Kai
Translator: Li Siqi

11. An Encounter in Space and Science Fiction – Interview with Liu Cixin, Ken Liu, and Kjell Lindgren
Interviewer: Regina Kanyu Wang
Translator: Liu Shuli

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