Magnum Opus

Berkeley Breathed, creator of “Bloom County,” “Outland” and “Opus,” is interviewed and analyzed by Geoff Boucher in an article for the LA Times:

Breathed’s home studio is modeled after the interior of the Nautilus – the submarine from his favorite film, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – and the walls are lined by books about World War II, Hollywood history and the Old West. There are some handsome volumes of classic cartoons too, such as “Terry and the Pirates” by Milton Caniff. Asked about that one, the accidental cartoonist looked embarrassed. “The publisher sent it to me, but I never opened it. I bet it’s good. It’s just not my thing.”

He looked down at Bloom County: The Complete Library with the same level of disinterest. “This is an amazing book, amazing to see,” Breathed said, sounding anything but amazed. Then he delivered the droll punch line. “When you write about it you should say, ‘This guy is a fraud and a cheat.’ There’s your headline.”

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