No Holiday for SFWA

On the Fourth of July, SFWA sent Theodore Beale its official report about the complaints members have made against him, and gave him two weeks to respond. Beale posted the cover e-mail online

Complaints against you have been filed by multiple members of SFWA. In following our procedures for responding to such complaints a report was prepared by a Board-appointed investigator and found, by a Board vote, to merit continuing our complaint process.

Our current protocols mandate presenting you with the report and adequate opportunity to respond so that the Board may make a determination. Responses may include, but need not be limited to, denial, claiming extenuating circumstances, and claiming provocation. You have 14 days to respond. If you require statements by others to be submitted for the record, such statements shall be collected and added to the record. If you request an extension of time to collect these statements, one additional 7-day-period shall be granted.

Please find attached the Board investigator’s report. This report and all contents not publicly available fall under SFWA confidentiality rules and may not be publicly disclosed.

Beale did not post the attachment. Yet, anyway. [Update] However, he has offered to send a copy to any SFWA member who requests it.

On July 5, Catherynne M. Valente, SFWA’s Eastern Regional Director, resigned her office. Valente says she will continue in the organization, and nothing in her statement links it to the foregoing business:

It was a rewarding and challenging experience to work with a group of dedicated, tireless advocates, but personal circumstances have brought me to the realization that I cannot serve out the remainder of my term effectively. I thank the Board for their service and support, and will continue to be an active member of the organization.

E. C. “Eugene” Myers has been appointed by SFWA President Steven Gould to complete Valente’s term. Myers is the author of the Norton Award winning novel Fair Coin.

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4 thoughts on “No Holiday for SFWA

  1. Mike, I can’t remember if you’ve ever been Chairman of one of the Los Angeles worldcons or not, but if you ever were, I forgive you.

    If you haven’t yet but are going to do so in a future attainable via TARDIS, George Pal Victorian time machine, or Legion of Super Heroes snowglobe, I forgive you in advance.

    Further, as a Discordian Pope, I will give you a Discordian Papal indulgence, with all of the Papal authority I have. I trust you will reciprocate by not bopping me with this here lolipop, an equivalent action as I’m sure would be judged by the spirit of Philip K. Dick, as invoked by John Oliver on The Daily Show the week before last.

    (Really — he was mentioned in the first segment in a manner which made clear that Mr. Oliver thought the entire audience, both in-studio and by cable, knew who he was just by his name in the same manner as one would mention Ernest Hemingway.)

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