Photos of 2019 LA Vintage Paperback Show

Lots of well-known writers and artists came and signed at last Sunday’s LA Vintage Paperback Show. Robert Kerr shot these photos (below) of some of the participants.

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3 thoughts on “Photos of 2019 LA Vintage Paperback Show

  1. Looks like everyone had a great time!

    We used to have an annual “Pulp and Paperback” show and sale here in NYC, with lots of authors, but the organizer, Gary Lovisi, lost his collection during SuperStorm Sandy and didn’t have the heart to continue the show.

  2. This looked like fun.

    A question to no one in particular: If you moved solely on the basis of the local SF fandom, would you choose Los Angeles? LASFS and all the old fanzines make it seem like a great place to nerd out on SF/F.

    Meanwhile, Florida seems a long way off from almost everything that happens. Worldcon hasn’t been here since 1992.

  3. @rcade: Florida is an isolated region. But some of us like smaller conventions, such as Oasis, to the larger ones, such as Worldcon.

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