Prix Utopiales 2021 Shortlists

Finalists have been announced for the Prix Utopiales and the Prix Utopiales Jeunesse 2021, two of the awards that will be presented at  Utopiales, the International Science Fiction Festival of Nantes planned for October 29-November 1.)


The Prix Utopiales recognizes a novel, or a collection, published in French during the eligibility period by a European author. The prize has a cash value of 2000 euros. This year, five books are in competition:

• After® by Auriane Velten (France), (Mnémos)
• Esther by Olivier Bruneau (France), (Le Tripode)
• Le chant des glaces by Jean Krug (France), (Critic)
• Quitter les Monts d’Automne by Émilie Querbalec (France – Japon), (Albin Michel Imaginaire)
• Ru by Camille Leboulanger (France), (L’Atalante)


The Prix Utopiales Jeunesse (Utopiales Youth Award) recognizes a novel or a collection of short stories by a European author, published or translated into French during the eligibility period. The winner is chosen by a jury of readers aged 13-16. The prize has a value of 2000 euros. These five books are the finalists:

• Après nous, les animaux by Camille Brunel (France), (Casterman)
• Félicratie by H. Lenoir (France) (France), (Sarbacane)
• La honte de la galaxie by Alexis Brocas (France), (Sarbacane)
• L’été des Perséides by Séverine Vidal (France), (Nathan)
• N.É.O. T1 : La chute du soleil de fer by Michel Bussi (France), (PKJ)

The Prix Utopiales award jurors are Marine Guégan, Julien Croguennec, Solène Laurent-Lemur, Marion Guiter, and Philippe Leray. Utopiales selects the jury from four readers who apply to serve.