Readercon 29 Photos

Daniel Dern shares his pictures of guests, panelists and vendors who participated in Readercon 29 over the July 12-15 weekend.

GoH Nisi Shawl

More photos follow the jump.

John Chu reading

Maria Dahvana Headley

“Writing the ‘Lowercase Letters’ (CART)” — Rachel Pollack, Robyn Bennis, Julia Rios, Miriam Newman, Steve Berman¬†

“Our Bodies, Our Elves: Sexual Awakenings in Epic Fantasy” — Marissa Lingen, Josh Jasper, Steve Berman, Sonya Taaffe, and Noah Beit-Aharon

Gordon Van Gelder and Michael Swanwick

Tiptree Award Bake Sale, with Diane B. Martin

“It Takes a Village to Raise a Protagonist” — Nisi Shawl, Andrea Corbin, Scott Lynch, John Wiswell, Graham Sleight.¬†

Elizabeth Bear and Ellen Datlow

“Curses! Worldbuilding Through Expletives” — Francesca Forrest, Yves Meynard, Sarah Smith, Samuel Delany, Vinnie Tesla

Gillian Daniels

Dragonwell Books

Nisi Shawl

KJ Kabza

Pink Narcissus Press

Mark Oshiro

The Imaginary Bookstore

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