Readercon 29 Photos

Daniel Dern shares his pictures of guests, panelists and vendors who participated in Readercon 29 over the July 12-15 weekend.

GoH Nisi Shawl

More photos follow the jump.

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Charles Vess at Genreville

Rose Fox and Josh Jasper have named Charles Vess Genreville’s featured artist for December. Artists always reciprocate this honor by making images of the duo to post on the site, but Vess was doubtful:

When Rose and Josh asked me to draw a portrait of them for their blog two thoughts immediately ran through my brain: the first was I’m so hopeless at portraiture and the second: How can I make that deficiency interesting?

It suffices to say: he came up with something quite entertaining.

Last month, Omar Rayyan contributed a spectacular tribute to the two bloggers.

 [Thanks to Andrew Porter for the link.]