Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
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  • In November Sharon Lee and Steve Miller released two chapbooks of previously published stories — Cultivar and Heirs to Trouble. These echapbooks with limited paper editions from Amazon, are part of the Adventures in the Liaden® Universe chapbook series.
  • Their holiday story “Block Party”, published on December 15, is a free read on the front page of Ben’s website until January 15.

  • The next Liaden Universe novel, Neogenesis hits all the major outlets on January 2 in hardback, ebook, and audio editions. A few dozen signed copies will be available from Uncle Hugos in Minneapolis starting January 2, as well. Neogenesis is the 21st Liaden novel.
  • Sharon Lee & Steve Miller are signing Neogenesis locally come Saturday, January 13, at Childrens Bookcellar, 52 Main St, Waterville, ME 04901 from 1:00 to 3:30.
  • On January 15 their all new echapbook Degrees of Separation will be available from Pinbeam Books and distributed by major ebook venues as well as on paper from Amazon. Degrees of Separation is a prequel to the “Block Party” story currently online at Baen, and is Number 27 in our Adventures in the Liaden Universe chapbook series that started at SRM Publisher in 1995.
  • In March Sharon Lee and Steve Miller will travel from the wilds of Maine via Amtrak to be Author Guests of Honor at MidSouthCon, (March 9-11), in Memphis, TN. Mike Resnick will be toastmaster, Ellen Datlow is Editor GoH.
  • Also, this year’s Liaden novel The Gathering Edge — already available in hardback, ebook, and audio editions —  will be released in mass market paperback July 31, 2018.

[Thanks to Steve MiIler for the story.]

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One thought on “Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
News Torrent

  1. The following is copied from my Facebook post:

    Well! I received a very cool Xmas Pressie today! Chris Benders turned me on to “Saltation,” written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. It turns out that one character in the novel is named “Commander Ronagy.”

    It’s not as if I am vain or anything … but I immediately pounced on the Kindle version to see who I was. Amazingly, I seemed to be a nice sort! At my advanced age, I was pleasantly surprised to see myself Tuckerised. I also bought the British paper book edition which, as it turned out, was the last copy Amazon had for sale. Was I given to vainglory, I might point out that due to its rarity and its use of my name, the book is now worth more!

    Order now! Ask for a new paper book release! Convince Lee and Steve to start an 18-volume of “The Commander Ronagy Wars!” Have Karen Gillan starring me in the movie!

    Or, perhaps, I am getting carried away.

    Seriously, though, thank you, Sharon and Steve, for the egoboo! What a great present! I have started reading it and quite love it.

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