The History of Bruce Gillespie

There’s a fascinating interview of Bruce Gillespie, one of Australia’s most admired fans, on Rowena Cory Daniells’ site. Gillespie opens up about himself and also offers a lot of insights into fannish culture and history:

Q: Your work had received three Hugo Nominations before you were 30. You have received total of 45 Ditmar Nominations and 19 wins, and The A Bertram Chandler Award in 2007, plus you were fan guest of honour at AussieCon 3, the World SF Convention in 1999, is there anything left that you would like to achieve?

A: Like any other fanzine editor or writer, I would actually like to win the Hugo Award for either Best Fanzine or Best Fan Writer! …However, in 2009 I was awarded the Best Fan Writer in the annual FAAN Awards, given by my peers, the fanzine writers and editors who attend the Corflu convention in America. I count that as a great honour…

The post is richly  illustrated with many rare fannish photos.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

Bruce Gillespie and Brian Aldiss at Stonehenge in 1974.

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