The Return of Captain EO

The late Michael Jackson’s 3-D science fiction experience “Captain EO” will return to Disneyland in Anaheim next February. The attraction was shuttered more than 10 years ago but the public’s fascination with all things Jackson has skyrocketed since the singer’s demise in June 2009. It also doesn’t hurt that movies like Up have suddenly made wearing 3-D glasses in theaters massively cool again.

In the film, Jackson leads a goofy alien and robot crew as they battle a wicked queen played by Anjelica Huston.

I remember enjoying “Captain EO” quite a bit. Perhaps having the 17-minute film directed by Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now) and executive produced by George Lucas (Star Wars) really did make a difference in its quality, although it all seemed done for publicity at the time the project debuted in 1986.

[Thanks to David Klaus for the story.]

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One thought on “The Return of Captain EO

  1. I’ve been nominating Captain EO for the National Film Registry for the last couple of years. It’s an important part of the transformation of film from an in-theatre experience to an amusement.

    Now I’ve gotta get down there to see it!

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