The Wow Factor

I learned from Storage Wars that bidders on repossessed storage units are always hoping to find a special item with the “wow factor.”

I’d say the Corflu Glitter auction has found its fannish counterpart – an item with the “goshwow factor.” Arnie Katz reports in Glitter #39:

A painting with both artistic excellence and major fanhistorical significance is the latest contribution to the Corflu Glitter auction. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Linda and Ron Bushyager, a savvy bidder will be able to acquire a large framed Atom (Arthur Thomson) cartoon that once hung on the door to the Fan Attic at 178 Newtownards Rd., the home of Walter and Madeleine Willis.

“The auction is a key revenue source for Corflu,” notes Chairman Joyce Katz. “It has spelled the difference between a minor and a major financial loss at all three previous Las Vegas Corflus. It’s an honor to have this item included in the auction and, due to Linda, it will mean a nice infusion of cash into the Corflu treasury.”

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