While You’re Waiting To Win The Lottery

What’s a fan to do when he strikes it rich? (Any day now, right?)

For one thing, that ritzy new mansion of yours is going to need a properly fannish home theater. Here are the guys who can deliver it – Dillon Works.

Just check out this photo of their Death Star-themed theater.

And their copywriter, besides being almost as funny as the author of Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer, makes some clever sf references, too —

No kidding; this theater is in someone’s house! This is NOT your father’s Death Star theater… unless, of course, you happen to be Luke Skywalker. We fabricated this custom home theater with automatic doors and twinkling star fields…

Environmental Authenticity – Another feature is the automatic pocket doors leading into the theater. Our clients wanted the doors to operate quietly, because doors that go “psssshhhhh” when they open are from Star Trek, not Star Wars. Did you hear that? No? Mission accomplished!

Dillon Works has also done a home theater with a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea theme.

I’ll take Door Number One, Monty – Complete with a watertight door and full-scale replica of the movie dive suit, the only thing missing is Peter Lorre!

This assignment doubtless evoked a certain degree of nostalgia in the company’s founder. Mike Dillon, who spent five years at Disney as an Imagineer. He started the company in his grandmother’s basement. Now they have a large facility just north of Seattle, identifiable by the 26-foot yellow “paper” airplane on top of the edge of its roof.

[Thanks to Janice Gelb for the story.]