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Wil Wheaton photo by Tyler Shields.

Wil Wheaton joined AudioFile Magazine’s  Michele Cobb to discuss the audiobook of his “annotated memoir,” Still Just A Geek. In addition to his acting and producing work, Wheaton has narrated audiobooks by John Scalzi, Andy Weir, and Ernest Cline. He tells AudioFile listeners about what it was like to revisit his 2004 memoir Just A Geek, asking author Neil Gaiman to write and record the introduction, and more. Watch the full conversation below. 

Here are AudioFile’s brief notes about Wheaton’s new audiobook.

by Wil Wheaton, read by Wil Wheaton, Neil Gaiman [Introduction]
Harper Audio

Actor Wil Wheaton—from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”—has managed something many of us have wished for at one time or another—a do-over. With humor and humility, he explains and mostly apologizes for his 2004 memoir JUST A GEEK. Using the acting skills he honed at an early age, he indulges in audiobook therapy. He invites us into his inner circle of friends and confesses misdeeds. As friends, listeners would tell Wil to relax and accept his humanity.

Find more audiobooks narrated by Wil Wheaton in his audiography.

[Based on a press release.]

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10 thoughts on “Wil Wheaton Q&A

  1. That list of audioworks narrated by him is woefully inadequate. One of the ones that it neglects is that he narrated Zelazny’s Amber Chronicles which is certainly a major genre feat. He also Cherie Priest’s Bone Shaker and a lot of work by Joe Hill. And there’s much more.

  2. Sorry, I’m still angry at him for bowing out at the last minute at the 1995 Dixie Star Trek Convention.

  3. I’m trying to come up with the title for Wil Wheaton’s hypothetical third memoir when it comes out in 2040. Just a Geek At Last?

  4. Brendan, you do know why he didn’t show up? Hint: it had to do with being dreadfully ill. He actually notes that later on his blog when hoping it won’t happen again so he doesn’t miss future Cons.

    He really didn’t just do it on a whim. Or to offend you.

  5. Er, regarding my comment on Will Wheaton missing the 1995 Dixie Star Trek Convention, I was riffing on Sheldon Cooper’s long-time resentment from “the Big Bang Theory.” No offense intended!

  6. The Once and Future Geek.


    Wil Wheaton will always be the kid who played the character who got way too much flak on BBSes which made me like him at first reflexively and then genuinely.

    I’m still shipping Wesley and Ashley Judd’s character.

  7. Brendan DuBois: Ah! I should have got that. I seem to have misplaced my sense of humor. Thinking of going back to 2014 to look for it.

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