WOOF 2019 Update

By John Purcell: The deadline for submitting material to the Worldcon Order Of Fanedutors (WOOF) via e-mail (preferred) is August 17; submissions on USB sticks or in print can be brought to the convention and will be included in the final version of WOOF 2019, which will be electronically mailed out to all participating members on or about August 20th. Printed copies will be mailed out in that week after print and mail cost are known to those who wish to receive a printed copy.

Submitting USB sticks or printed material at the convention in Dublin can be done is the Private Party room in the Gibson (Stratocastor A) on Sunday August 18th from 14:00 to 15:00.

Please limit your contribution to a reasonable size to avoid excessive postal charges for members who want a printed copy.

Submit material electronically (PDF/Word or whatever format you are happy with) to: [email protected]

Submit printed material via mail to: Kees van Toorn, Postbus 3411, NL 3003 AK Rotterdam, Netherlands