Worldcon 76 Open Post for Saturday, August 18

Something happening at the Business Meeting? Saw a friend? Attended a spirited panel? Saw a sleeping cat?

This is the place to tell Filers what meant something to you today!

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44 thoughts on “Worldcon 76 Open Post for Saturday, August 18

  1. It’s early in the am and this east coast reader is drinking coffee in the Hilton lounge. While I’m at worldcon I’ll be doing some interviews about political conflict in fandom – let me know if you are interested in participating! Yesterday, I might have been sitting behind Mike G at the “online fandom history” panel.

  2. @steve davidson, I did that yesterday. And told Ira about your offer to act as a File770 meeting place and mail drop. He was surprised but accomodating. 😉

  3. Enjoying my first Worldcon so far.
    The venue seems really nice, all the panels are in one area, lots of cool booths, the fanzine lounge is nice and spacious to relax in.
    Great meeting up with other filers for dinner. (and I even got randomly invited for dinner by another group that was gathering in the lobby!)
    Thrilled to see some of my favorite authors, embarrassed that I couldn’t come up with anything to say to them in the moment. I’m going to prepare some scripts before heading over to the convention center today.

  4. @Steve, I am not there, so this Kickstarter backer will say “Hi” here.
    Keep up the great work.

  5. Also wanted to say I’m impressed by the quality of all the handouts, signage etc. no idea if this is typical but it is all nicer than I expected.

  6. Sorry I missed the meet-up, I was chained to the Newsletter office.

    So far, so good!

  7. @bookworm1398: “Thrilled to see some of my favorite authors, embarrassed that I couldn’t come up with anything to say to them in the moment. I’m going to prepare some scripts before heading over to the convention center today.”

    LOL, I know the feeling. 😀 I start flailing after “Love your stuff.” Preparation, you say? That could work. . . .

    @Everyone: I attend vicariously through your comments! 😉

  8. The panels today were all crowded to overcrowded with signs up saying “no standing” but nobody was trying to limit attendance.

    I think this is going to be a problem soon

    Also, the protests seemed to peter out quickly

  9. I know this was somewhere in a previous Pixel Scroll, but a quick search isn’t turning it up.

    When and at what urls are the livestreaming/live-texting of the Hugos going to be, for those of us who couldn’t make it to San Jose? That should be starting in a few hours, right?

  10. @Cassy B: Worldcon 76 are still saying on their Web site that the live-streaming video URL will be provided ‘closer to the event’. Text live-streaming will be available via CoverItLive, where you can sign up for an e-mail notification.

  11. @Cassy B.: Not in a few hours. It’s Sunday night, at least based on the CoverItLive link @Rick Moen posted, which is what I’d seen before. Ah, it also says that at W76’s page.

    Tonight’s the Masquerade. Though I wouldn’t mind watching that, come to think of it. 😉

  12. The Harlan Ellison memorial was so beyond overcrowded, there were people (like me) in the corners behind the speakers’ table. It would have been better in the double sized program room, if not the ballroom.

  13. FYI, Worldcon 76 has a page with photo galleries (from, methinks, their official photographer[s]). 🙂 More to come, I’m sure. Only some are annotated (and some weren’t rotated, so you have to turn your head sideways).

  14. Thanks, all, for the correction. I should have remembered it was Sunday.

    Since I have the watching time blocked out anyway, I don’t suppose there will be a livestream feed of the Masquerade anywhere?

  15. Is the Callahan’s Place space just what they’re calling the bar area, or is it an actual recreation? Can somebody post links to pictures?

  16. Cassy, the word is that the Masquerade will be livestreamed at Callahan’s Place but not online, because of exorbitant RIAA fees for the music to be used in the masquerade.

  17. I don’t have links, but there is *some* recreation there; there’s a fireplace one can throw glasses (real glass? I don’t know) into, and a stage where yesterday John Picacio ran a Lotería game (similar to bingo).

  18. Patrick Morris Miller – The Harlan Ellison memorial was so beyond overcrowded…

    It really was, plus I had some guy on the floor in front of me that kept kicking me during his nap (yes, I chastised him multiple times), and yet I would not have missed it for anything short of a fire.

  19. @Laura: Thank you! You’re a wonderful human (I presume) being! 😉

    With this new-found power, I just learned that the uncontested bids for 2020 Worldcon and 2019 NASFiC were won by New Zealand and Utah. Now I can officially ask my hubby whether we’re going to either one. I expect possibly New Zealand; we saw little of it when we went to Oz for Worldcon and stopped over there for the NZ natcon, or as autocorrect would have it, for the NZ nation. I expect probably not Utah, but ya never know.

    [ETA: Combining NASFiC with a Westercon makes me a bit more intrigued; we’ve heard good things about Westercon, and I figure that may make NASFiC bigger than usual.]

    Thanks again.

  20. Thanks, Kendall! I hope to be doing the same. Gonna be a bit late for me. But not too bad. (11pm – 1 am EDT/UTC-4)

  21. @Patrick Morris Miller: I’m not surprised it was flooded; he made a huge impact on the field. (How much of that was positive has already been extensively argued here.) I wonder whether program people just generally don’t get how many Worldcon attendees are interested in memorials? John M. Ford’s panel at Anticipation was almost as jammed as you describe (I don’t remember any attendees behind the head table) and that was 3 years after his death. Having two GoHs at the panel may also have increased attendance; people who weren’t sure who Mike was could look at that listing and think they should know more. Who was on the Harlan panel?

  22. @Chip: the panel was Tom Whitmore, Robert Silverberg, David Gerrold, Chris Barkley, Christine Valada, and Nat Segaloff. I wasn’t at all surprised at the full house with change – and it could probably have run 90 minutes if not more.

  23. The video streaming of the Hugos is active; it’s showing a pre-show stream of photos. Yay!

  24. Although right now the stream is stuck on George RR Martin and buffering… 🙁

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