8 thoughts on “2018 Hugo Base Unveiled

  1. It looks cool! But I hope to see a clearer close-up shot later. I believe it’s an observatory and two figures looking through telescopes and some doo-dads I can’t quite figure out on the ground around them…???

  2. The done in the middle is probably an homage to nearby Lick Observatory where resides a 100-inch astronomical telescope. It’s close enough to downtown San Jose that you can see it on top of the ridge to the east of the city.

  3. Looks like two dogs curls up at the feet of the people with the hand-held telescopes. And balls near the dogs?

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  5. I’d love to see a better photograph of that — maybe with lighting set up by Villafranca himself, as for the standard picture of the new World Fantasy Award trophy.

    @Rich Lynch: the 100-inch is not so special (it postdates the Palomar 200-inch by some years) but Wikipedia confirms my recollection that Lick[‘s refractor was once the world’s largest, and says that Lick was the first mountaintop observatory — definitely something appropriate to appear on a local Hugo base.

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