Worldcon Heritage Organization Succeeds in Buying First Hugo at Auction

The first Hugo Award ever presented, given to Forrest J Ackerman by Isaac Asimov at the 1953 Worldcon, was acquired by Worldcon Heritage Organization when it went on the block today at Hindman Auctions.  

WHO President Kent Bloom said fans pledged $12,350 towards a community effort to add the award to the exhibits shown at Worldcons. The total sale price was $12,065 after the Buyer’s Premium was added to the winning bid of $9,500.

Forrest J Ackerman with Hugo at 1953 Worldcon.

There were not funds available to also bid on the honorary Hugo Award presented to Hugo Gernsback at the 1960 Worldcon as “The Father of Science Fiction” which was on the block in the same auction. It sold for $6,985 inclusive of buyer’s premium. The purchaser is unknown at this time.

[Thanks to Kent Bloom and Kent Pollard for the story.]

Worldcon Heritage Organization’s Hugo Award exhibit at 2017 Worldcon in Helsinki.

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9 thoughts on “Worldcon Heritage Organization Succeeds in Buying First Hugo at Auction

  1. What are the long-term arrangements for the WHO preserving its materials and collection past the current generation of administrators?

  2. That’s great. Gary, I don’t know, but I helped them put them back into boxes for shipment and storage after a Worldcon display (Discon III maybe, or Dublin?), and they were very careful with good quality packing to protect them.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS to the Worldcon Heritage Organization on securing the The First Hugo Award!

    But a burning question remains…WHO ACQUIRED THE HUGO HUGO?????

    Chris B.

  4. A good acquisition. I’m wondering if the woman seated to Ackerman’s left in the photo is Leigh Brackett. I’m also curious what’s going through her mind at that moment!

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