Be On The Lookout

Almost 200 pages of original drawings were stolen from a car belonging to pro comic book artist Brent Anderson the day after Comic-Con ended. Anderson is best known for Astro City.

While Anderson was visiting the San Diego Zoo a thief broke into his Honda Civic and took a black zippered slipcase containing four portfolios of art. He theorizes on his blog:

I don’t believe it was anyone from the recently ended Comic-con who stole my artwork. I believe it was an opportunistic smash-and-grab by someone looking for money or jewelry, not comics art. (They stole our luggage containing our dirty clothes and toiletries.) The thieves left behind three of the Itoya portfolios of art which were in plain sight right next to where the stolen slipcase was. If they’d specifically wanted the art, they would have taken those, too.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

1 thought on “Be On The Lookout

  1. I’d say there’s a better chance of recovery if fans were to keep an eye out for the folio case than for the art. Chances are the thief will try to sell the case… but the art, alas, is apt to be in a dumpster already. The only person who would be likely to recognize the art’s value is a comics fan, and we’ve ruled out the thief being one (for some reason).

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