Weist Comic Art Price Guide Released

Jerry Weist’s The Comic Art Price Guide: Illustrated Guide with Price Range Values, Third Edition is now available from Ivy Press of Dallas.

The guide contains more than 500 pages of art reproductions, price range values and artist bios. It was one of Weist’s last projects before he passed away in January 2011.

Many fans regard this as the most authoritative guide to original artwork for comic strips and comic books, also sf, pulp and fantasy art. Harlan Ellison said about an earlier edition:

The landscape of genuinely reliable reference guides is an ugly, arid junkyard. Mostly lit by the dim bulbs of the amateur, the slovenly, the jumped-up fans stealing from each other’s inept, error-riddled trashbooks. Jerry Weist towers, like the Great Lighthouse of Alexandria, casting a knowledgeable, insightful beacon. He can be trusted because he be so savvy.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

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