Celebrate Analog’s 90th Anniversary

“An Astounding 90 Years of Analog Science Fiction and Fact: The Fourth Annual City Tech Science Fiction Symposium,” takes place on Thursday, December 12. Held in conjunction with City Tech College in Brooklyn, this daylong symposium is free and open to the public. It convenes at 285 Jay Street, Room A105 and runs from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The event will feature papers from distinguished academics, readings from Phoebe Barton, Leah Cypess, Alison Wilgus, Frank Wu, Jay Werkheiser, and a keynote speech from Michael Flynn. Stanley Schmidt, Trevor Quachri, and Emily Hockaday will also participate on an editorial panel. Copies of the official 90th anniversary issue will be given away. The full program for the day can be found here.

City Tech will provide breakfast and lunch, so they ask interested parties to please RSVP (even tentatively) for headcount. RSVP here.

4 thoughts on “Celebrate Analog’s 90th Anniversary

  1. Analog was a major source for my SF habit as I grew up during the 80s. So hail and well met.

  2. I remember when Campbell changed the name – and I was in fifth grade at the time. So I was reading it really young. (Yes, I remember the change from digest to magazine-sized and back. And reading Dune as two serials.)
    I dropped the subscription I’d inherited in 2015, because I wasn’t getting the sensawunder I’d had under the previous three editors. (Inherited, yes – it had been my father’s for decades.)

  3. Several times I’ve contacted the people in charge of the City Tech collection—I live a 10-minute walk away—but have never had any response. Hope the conference isn’t organized as well.

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