Glasgow 2024 Wins, Announces Guests of Honor

The Glasgow 2024 Worldcon was officially seated after the announcement of site selection voting results this morning at Chicon 8.

The Glasgow bid ran unopposed. As reported by Alex Acks, there was a total of 802 site selection ballots expressing a preference: 776 votes for Glasgow, the others for write-ins. There were no ballots indicating none of the above.

Glasgow 2024, the 82nd World Science Fiction Convention, will be held in Glasgow, UK from August 8-12, 2024. The convention website, with current membership rates, is here. Their Twitter account is @Glasgowin2024.

The Guests of Honor will be Chris Baker (Fangorn), Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer, Ken MacLeod, Nnedi Okorafor, and Terri Windling.  Additional Special Guests and Toastpeople will be announced over the coming months.
Glasgow 2024 Chair, Esther MacCallum-Stewart said, “It’s a huge honor to host the Worldcon, and our team have worked incredibly hard to get us to this point. We can’t wait to bring our blend of Inclusion, Caring and Imagination to the Glasgow 2024 Worldcon, and to create an event that is both exciting and innovative. This really is a Worldcon for our Futures!”

Aileen Crawford, Head of Tourism and Conventions at Glasgow Life said: “Glasgow is delighted to welcome Worldcon fans back to our city in August 2024, following the previous events in 1995 and 2005. Congratulations to the hard working and dedicated UK Team who have worked tirelessly for years on the bid. Here’s to a fabulous return of the Worldcon community in 2024!”
About the Guests of Honour:

Chris Baker (Fangorn) is an acclaimed BSFA-winning artist whose work has graced the covers of many beloved SF and Fantasy novels including Robert Asprin’s Myth series, and the British and German editions of Redwall. He has also worked as a concept artist for such visionary film directors as Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Alfonso Cuarón and Stanley Kubrick.

Chris Baker (Fangorn)

Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer have been pillars of the science fiction and fantasy fan community for years. Their exemplary work in organising and running fan conventions, as well as in fan-writing, fanzines, and fan-history, has enriched the lives of countless lovers of the genre.


Ken MacLeod is a celebrated Scottish SF writer who, over the course of his career, has written 18 novels and won multiple BSFA and Prometheus Awards, in addition to being shortlisted for the Hugos, Nebulas, Locus Awards, and more. Ken writes everything from dystopian SF to space opera, and is known for work that is as engaged with politics as it is with science.

Ken MacLeod

Nnedi Okorafor is an internationally award-winning author who explores her Nigerian heritage through her Africanfuturist and Africanjujuist novels and short works. She is also a comics writer who has written a number of popular series for Marvel’s Black Panther, along with her own Hugo and Eisner-Award-winning graphic novel, LaGuardia.

Nnedi Okorafor

Terri Windling is an American writer, editor, artist, and folklorist, who has lived in the UK for nearly 30 years. She has written over 40 books and received 10 World Fantasy Awards – and will receive the World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement award this year. Terri has also won the Mythopoeic Award, the Bram Stoker Award, and the SFWA Solstice Award, in addition to appearing on numerous prestigious shortlists. Her work ranges from the fictional to the academic, but always revolving around the magical and the fantastic.

Terri Windling

This tweet shows the membership rates.


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19 thoughts on “Glasgow 2024 Wins, Announces Guests of Honor

  1. The rates, I see (should have finished the article before clicking), are hidden in an extremely hideous screenshot of an Excel table. Wonder what their Accessibility staff thought of that…

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  3. All the GoH are worthy, of course, and congratulations, but I’m personally happy for Ken Macleod. He’s written some of my favorite sf ever. Thanks! I hope you have a blast!

  4. Really happy for Claire and Mark! I hope they will consider adding Rob Hansen as another guest.

  5. @Jan Van?k jr.

    The rates, I see (should have finished the article before clicking), are hidden in an extremely hideous screenshot of an Excel table. Wonder what their Accessibility staff thought of that…

    The tweet shown above is a link to the original tweet, which has ALT text on the photos. If you click on the ALT text, which is there for accessibility, for the top right photo, for example, it reads:
    “Image description
    ID: A table showing the membership rates. The background is the Glasgow 2024 galaxy, with the logo in the top left. The title says ‘Glasgow 2024 Memberships Rates’.

    All Super Friends, Voting Friends, Non-Voting Friends, and Child 2024 Voters at ChiCon are upgraded with no extra cost. For the other 2024 Voters at ChiCon a Full Adult is £125, a Discounted Adult is £80, a Young Adult is £65, and a Teen is £25. For a new participant a Full Adult is £170, a Discounted Adult is £125, and Young Adult is £110, a Teen is £70, a Child is £45, and an Infant is £5. END ID”

    All three photos have ALT text, the other two being similar to what the one I chose has.

  6. As a super supporter/friend (way back) of Glasgow 2024 -congrats to both the Con and to all the Guests announced!

  7. And for those coming to Scotland/Glasgow for Worldcon (Thu 8 – Mon 12 August 2024 inclusive) note the two SF events on in Europe and either side of this major event-(a) one before (LocationCon) and (b) one after (Eurocon).This posting deals with (a). A separate posting will follow re (b) in a mo. Re (a) LocationCon (Sat 3 – Wed 7 Aug inclusive) and delivering you from it’s start in London and by Group Rail/Coach, to Glasgow the day before Worldcon, we visit SF-related locations on the way. (i) WOKING : H G Wells-“War Of The Worlds” (60ft/20m high Tripod+Cylinder); (ii) LONDON : Steed’s flat (“The Avengers”), the only known remaining TARDIS left in London (“Dr Who”), No 6’s house (“The Prisoner”); (iii) then to N/WEST WALES : “Llanfair PG” (non SF site) – look this up on the web (we won’t spell it out for you-we’d be mad to even try!!), (the world-famous “Prisoner” Village) Portmeirion; (iv) then to S/WEST SCOTLAND (and on the way to Glasgow) : location sites (incl the burning site) for the cult 1973 film “The Wicker Man”. Too early for membership rates (they’ll be finalised in mid 2023) and no website yet. Instead, for further info, please email (& no obligation to join later) and with “LocationCon” in the heading– davelally (at) outlook (dot) com. Best and Be Seeing You!

  8. This posting deals with (b) -which occurs one week after Glasgow Worldcon : Eurocon / ErasmusCon 2024. This is in Rotterdam, Netherlands (Thu 15 – Mon 19 Aug inclusive). [ We recommend after Glasgow, getting the Inter-City LNER rail service from Glasgow Central Station –down the East Coast of Britain (you’ll pass lovely York on the way)– to London Kings Cross Main Line Station. Right next door is London St Pancras International : Eurostar Rail Station. Catch the Eurostar –underneath the Channel Tunnel– direct to Rotterdam. All passport/security checks are done in London. On arrival in Rotterdam (currency is Euros), no checks at all (you are then in the EU). Go downstairs to Rotterdam RET (Subway/Metro) Station and buy a “Chip-Card”. Travel to Zuidplein RET Station (quite close to AHOY Conference Centre where Eurocon 2024 occurs. ]

  9. An excellent guest line-up. I don’t suppose I’ll be able to attend, but one can always hope!

  10. Tried to pay for a membership at the link given and failed. No idea what I did wrong. Noticed a Whole Bunch of other people tried to register and didn’t complete their transactions, too.

  11. I managed to pay for a membership yesterday evening.

    So it is working – at least some of the time.

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