Journey Planet 81: The Holocaust

James Bacon and Christopher J Garcia announce the publication of Journey Planet #81: The Holocaust, co-edited with Steven H Silver.

Built around the testimony of Steven’s grandmother, who lived in the Płońsk ghetto before her internment in Auschwitz and several other concentration camps, the issue looks at how her experiences have impacted four generations of that family, with articles Steven’s mother, who was a hidden child of the Holocaust, Steven, his sister, and wife, as well as his daughter’s discovery that not every family has the Holocaust in a central place in their story.

Other articles look at Russell Handelman’s own family’s experiences during the Holocaust, Mark Herrup’s father’s role in helping to liberate the concentration camps, and others, who may not have as direct a link to the Holocaust, write about living in its shadow. 

James Bacon, Daniel Kimmel, and Barbara Barnett explore the cultural impact of the Holocaust as seen in comics, film, and television, while Dina S. Krause describes the work she has done as a docent at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center.

Atypical of Journey Planet, this issue also contains reprints of two short stories. Avram Davidson’s “What Time Is It?” tackled the subject of the Holocaust in the late 1940s as the devastating effects on family’s became known, and Michael A. Burstein’s “Kaddish for the Last Survivor,” originally published in Analog in 2000 and a Hugo and Nebula nominee.

The issue can be downloaded here.

Journey Planet won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in 2015.


  • Dedication
  • Introduction by Steven H Silver
  • What Time Is It? By Avram Davidson
  • Armenian Remembrances by Pat Sayre McCoy (Photo courtesy Forever Saroyan, LLC)
  • Testimony, Part I: Before the War by Sally Pitluk
  • Discovering my Family Tree by Steven H Silver
  • Memoirs of a Hidden Child by Sharon Pitluk Silver
  • A Visit to Knyszyn by Deanna Jacobson
  • Testimony, Part II: The Ghetto by Sally Pitluk
  • Faces and Names by Russell J. Handelman
  • A Meeting in the Cemetery in Łódź by K.G. Anderson
  • Testimony, Part III: Auschwitz by Sally Pitluk
  • My Father and the Holocaust by Mark Herrup
  • The Holocaust in Comics During World War II by James Bacon
  • Choosing to Testify by Steve Davidson
  • V for Vengeance by James Bacon
  • Holocaust on Film by Daniel M. Kimmel
  • Guarding the Streets of Gold by Susan Shwartz
  • The Holocaust in Comics: After the War by James Bacon
  • The Holocaust on Television by Barbara Barnett
  • A Trickle of History A Child of a Holocaust Survivor Writes a Holocaust Science Fiction Tale by Elaine Midcoh
  • Severed Inheritance by Jordan King-Lacroix
  • My Most Memorable Meal by Steven H Silver
  • My Reflections on My Visit To Auschwitz in November 2007 by Elaine Silver
  • Maus: A Journey by James Bacon
  • The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center: A Docent Eye’s View by Dina S. Krause
  • Popping My Bubble by Melanie Silver
  • Kaddish for the Last Survivor by Michael A. Burstein
  • Enditorial: James Bacon
  • Enditorial: Chris Garcia
  • Groucho Marx Dances on Hitler’s Grave – Art by Kurt Erichsen

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