Man In The High Castle Pilot Free on Amazon Prime

Episode one in Amazon’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s Hugo-winning novel  The Man in the High Castle can be viewed free online. An alternate history in which the Allies lost World War II, the production is highly atmospheric, smeary, hazy and dingy as if fogged by doubts about its own reality.

The first installment establishes a tangled, Dickian web of conspiracy, fear and lies –  ironically, made a bit more science fictional by its faithfulness to the technology of 1962, in which surveillance cameras are not everywhere, the TV does not look back at you, and counterespionage forces have to go knock on doors (or heads) to find things out.

Executive produced by Ridley Scott, The Man in the High Castle pilot was scripted by Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files) and stars Luke Kleintank and Alexa Davalos. Runtime is 61 minutes.

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4 thoughts on “Man In The High Castle Pilot Free on Amazon Prime

  1. tried streaming it.failed. too hard to jump thru Amazon’s hard/software compatibility hoops…epic fail on their part…

  2. It just seems weird to me that now we go to the theatre to see shallow spectacles aimed at adolescent tastes, but stay home to watch TV to see well-crafted, intelligent programming aimed at adult, sophisitcated tastes. And now it seems to be the same with SF and fantasy. Go to the movies to watch video games on the big screen, but watch TV for Philip K. Dick. I bet none of us saw *that* coming!

  3. I’m a little disturbed by the use of “Edelweiss” as the theme song. It’s widely believed – I’ve heard more than one person state it as a fact – that this was Hitler’s favorite song.

    That would have been difficult to arrange for, as the song was in fact not written until nearly 15 years after Hitler’s death, but its use here in a representation of the Nazi conquest – even if it turns out in the show to be wholly ironic – is only likely to spread the error.

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