Pixel Scroll 11/22/16 Scrollhood’s End

(1) DOGGONE IT. Once upon a time Republicans obeyed the Eleventh Commandment – “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican” – and I thought that Sad Puppies followed the same philosophy until I read J. C. Carlton chastising Kate Paulk in “The Sad Puppies Should Have Done Better” at The Arts Mechanical.

What Happened To The Sad Puppies? In 2015 the Sad Puppies were a presence in SF and in culture in general.  In 2016 the Sad Puppies became almost a nonentity.  All through the year it was the Rabids that drove the show and that hurt both the Sad Puppies And possibly the future of Sf in the long term.

I think that the problem is that Kate Paulk, when she took over leadership didn’t understand what she was getting herself into. I think that she thought that if she had a more moderate approach that the kind of beating around that the Sad Puppies got in 2015 would be moderated.  I’m not sure what led her to believe that, but there was.

Then there was the launch of the Sad Puppies site, the nominations and then, nothing.  For months no reviews, no blog entries, nothing. It’s not as if she was off line either.  Yet for months she left the stage empty except for the Puppy Kickers and Vox.   I’m not sure why but it may be that she was hoping to avoid conflict.  Or she just got busy and could not give Sad Puppies the attention it deserved.  Yet there weren’t even any blog posts on either the Sad Puppies blog or the Mad Genius Club…..

Essentially as result of inactivity the Puppies left the field to Vox and “Raptor Butt invasion.”  Which was funny for a while, but after a while you realize that it’s puppy butt that’s being invaded.

Observant as Carlton is about some things, he’s completely in denial about others.

As far as this goes, the Hugos are dead, The Puppies didn’t kill them, they were dead when Larry started the Puppies. The Hugos were dead because nobody cared anymore.

The Puppies provoked a surge in support for the Hugos – the voter turnout for 2015 was 65% more than it was the previous year. The final statistics showed only a fraction supported Torgersen’s Sad Puppy or Vox Day’s Rabid Puppy slates.

(2) DEFENDING KATE. Amanda S. Green was incensed over Carlton’s post. She penned a scalding response – “Really?” – for Mad Genius Club. (But she follows a common MGC trope of refusing to use the name of the person being held in contempt, referring to Carlton throughout as OP.)

OP then spends time, after saying Kate didn’t give us reviews, etc., quoting others who take issue with her reviews of the Hugo nominees. Kate did more than most who were telling people who to vote for. She read everything in the Hugo packet and gave her honest opinions. But that obviously isn’t enough, especially since OP quotes notoriously anti-puppy sites to back his stance.

Essentially as result of inactivity the Puppies left the field to Vox and “Raptor Butt invasion.”  Which was funny for a while, but after a while you realize that it’s puppy butt that’s being invaded.

OMFG. I don’t know whether to beat my head against the wall or the OP’s. That statement is not that much removed from that of the other side telling SPs they had to denounce Vox or it proved we were all cut from the same cloth. One thing those of us closely involved with the Sad Puppy movement learned in 2015 is that there is nothing anyone can do to rein in Vox. We would have had Raptor Butt no matter what. Vox will do what he wants, when he wants and he doesn’t give a flying fuck who he bumps against in the process.

The problem is that if there any desire to keep the Hugo Awards as anything other than a pissing contest between the vilest people in SF, we Puppies failed miserably.  The Rapids dominated the noms and the Kickers “No Awarded” every thing in sight, again. Both sides followed by crowing victory, when in fact everybody lost.

See, here is the biggest problem with OP’s post. He thinks that Sad Puppies is about saving the Hugos. It isn’t. I’m not sure it ever was. It was about showing how the Awards have been manipulated and ruled over by a very small group of Fans, folks who don’t want the unwashed masses joining in their little club. The Hugos were effectively dead, at least to most fans, long before Larry started Sad Puppies. It is in its death throes now. Don’t believe it? Look at the rules changes that are being proposed and those that have been passed. Fans with a capital “F” want to to make sure they continue to control the awards. Most real fans aren’t going to pay the price of even an associate membership just to vote. Why should they when they can buy a number of books for the same price?

… Sad Puppies 1 – 3 beautifully pointed out, and proved, the pettiness in Fandom. Sad Puppies 4 continued what Brad started with Sad Puppies 3, the ourtreach to those fans who didn’t understand what was going on. Fans who had been drawn in by the outrageous rhetoric from the other side started looking closer at Sad Puppies when Brad and his family were attacked. They started listening closer when Kate engaged only when she was forced to. So explain how, when Kate reached out and made connections with people how had never before considered backing the Sad Puppies, she failed in her job?

There is more to this battle than whipping out your dick and proving it is bigger than the other guy’s. Kate understood that. We should be thanking her for taking on the job instead of condemning her because she didn’t do “the job” the way someone else wanted her to.

(3) PUPPY SEASON APPROACHING? And in a comment on the previous post, Amanda S. Green predicts we will hear very soon what’s coming next.

George, there will be an announcement about this year’s effort within the next 24 hours, or so I’ve been assured.

(4) I WONDER WHO THEY MEAN. For another example of an MGC columnist refusing to use someone’s name, last week Kate Paulk, in “The Good Kind of Othering”, never mentioned N.K. Jemisin by name but everyone in the comments section knew exactly who she was dissing.

In an attempt to stay well away from the toxic soup of political matters, I’ve spent a lot of time this past week doing Other Stuff. This, I promise you, is a Good Thing, because my snark-o-matic was maxed out and the uber-cynical button stuck in the ‘on’ position.

While I’m quite sure there are those who enjoyed the results, it’s tiring and kind of draining when it lasts long enough: I’m the kind of extreme introvert who needs plenty of down time to recover from bouts of mega-snark.

Which means that I really, really shouldn’t go near the rather sad rant of a certain award-winning author who managed to let slip that she knows she’s a token winner but still thinks that’s okay because those who disagree are ___ist.

(5) EVERYTHING BUT PUPPIES. Once upon a time there was Walt Kelly’s Pogo comic strip. The anthropomorphized animals in the strip inspired Walt Willis and Bob Shaw, assisted by Vince Clarke, Chuck Harris, and James White, to produce a 1952 fanzine called Fen Crittur Comical Books [PDF file] – which is now available online at Fanac.org.

The cast of Fen Critturs includes Pogo Hoffum, Harlan Owl “an organsing genius”, and Birdbury “a vile pro.”

(6) THEY MAKE A DESERT, AND CALL IT A MINISERIES. Frank Herbert’s Dune has been optioned for possible TV and film projects reports Variety.

Legendary Entertainment has acquired the rights from the Frank Herbert estate for his iconic novel “Dune,” granting the production entity the film and television motion picture rights to the work.

The agreement calls for the development and production of possible film and TV projects for a global audience. The projects would be produced by Thomas Tull, Mary Parent and Cale Boyter, with Brian Herbert, Byron Merritt and Kim Herbert serving as executive producers.

(7) HINES STARTS FUNDRAISER AUCTIONS. Today Jim C. Hines posted the first of a bunch of SF/F auctions he’s doing as a fundraiser. Going under the hammer are two autographed Star Wars novels from Chuck Wendig.

Welcome to the first of 24 Transgender Michigan Fundraiser auctions.

Transgender Michigan was founded in 1997, and continues to run one of the only transgender helplines in the country, available 24/7 at 855-345-8464. Every tax-deductible donation helps them continue to provide support, advocacy, and education.

We begin the fundraiser with autographed copies of the Star Wars novels AFTERMATH (paperback) and AFTERMATH: LIFE DEBT (hardcover), by Chuck Wendig.

(8) AMAZON’S BEST SFF OF 2016. Now it’s Amazon’s turn to tell you its selections as the best science fiction and fantasy of 2016. Twenty titles, mostly familiar, but including a couple I don’t remember seeing anyone here discuss before.

(9) REFINING YOUR GOLDEN WORDS. Cat Rambo based this post on a day-long workshop she just taught at Clarion West: “For Writers: Re-visioning, Rewriting, and Other Forms of Fine-Tuning Your Fiction”.

Stage II of the Revision Process: You marked all over the printout, making changes and then incorporated them. Here I print out a fresh copy, because unfortunately my process is not particularly eco-conscious.

Now you’re looking at a finer level than the first pass. Stage I was coarse sandpaper; now you’re moving to a finer grade. This is the point where I look hard at paragraphing, splitting up overly long paragraphs, using single sentence paragraphs for an occasional punch, and making sure the first and last paragraph of every scene works, creating a transition that doesn’t allow the reader to escape the story.

I have an unfortunate propensity for scattering scene breaks through my work; this is the place where I remove a lot of them, because I know that every time one occurs, it bumps the reader out of the story and reminds them that they’re reading. I also remove a lot of unnecessary speech tags at this point. I make sure the speaker is identified every third or fourth speech act in two people dialogue so the reader never has to count back in order to figure out who is talking at any point.

I’m also looking at sentence length. Here is an exercise that may be useful: take a page of your prose and go through counting how many words are in each sentence. If they are all around the same length, it creates a sense of monotony. Split things up. Short sentences have punch; long sentences full of polysyllabic words create a languorous, dreamy feel that may be desirable to your narrative yet radically slows things down on the page. (Did you catch what I did there?)

(10) SPACE NEIGHBORS. If E.T. phones your home, Stephen Hawking’s advice is – don’t answer.

Hawking’s comments are motivated by a fear of what the aliens would do to us if they find us. In his mind, the aliens are the Spanish Conquistador Cortez and we are the Aztecs he made contact with in central America.

Tribal warfare, genocide and ethnic cleansing have been part of our history for thousands of years. Hawking’s fear is a fear of what we have done to ourselves.

Would advanced alien civilisations be as barbaric as we are? Are our genocidal tendencies at all representative of advanced alien civilisations? Maybe.

Hawking says he worries that any aliens “will be vastly more powerful and may not see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria”.

(11) PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM. A programming pioneer: “Margaret Hamilton, Apollo Software Engineer, Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom”.

The very first contract NASA issued for the Apollo program (in August 1961) was with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop the guidance and navigation system for the Apollo spacecraft. Hamilton, a computer programmer, would wind up leading the Software Engineering Division of the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory (now Draper Labs). Computer science, as we now know it, was just coming into existence at the time. Hamilton led the team that developed the building blocks of software engineering – a term that she coined herself. Her systems approach to the Apollo software development and insistence on rigorous testing was critical to the success of Apollo. As she noted, “There was no second chance. We all knew that.”

Her approach proved itself on July 20, 1969, when minutes before Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the Moon, the software overrode a command to switch the flight computer’s priority system to a radar system. The override was announced by a “1202 alarm” which let everyone know that the guidance computer was shedding less important tasks (like rendezvous radar) to focus on steering the descent engine and providing landing information to the crew. Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the Moon, rather than aborting the approach due to computer problems. In fact, the Apollo guidance software was so robust that no software bugs were found on any crewed Apollo missions, and it was adapted for use in Skylab, the Space Shuttle, and the first digital fly-by-wire systems in aircraft. Hamilton was honored by NASA in 2003, when she was presented a special award recognizing the value of her innovations in the Apollo software development. The award included the largest financial award that NASA had ever presented to any individual up to that point.

Today, Margaret Hamilton is being honored again – this time at the White House. President Obama has selected her as a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The highest civilian award of the United States, it is awarded to those who have made an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.

(13) TOM HANKS GOES TO THE WHITE HOUSE…AGAIN. Actor Tom Hanks also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom today. The news reminded John King Tarpinian of a favorite anecdote:

Here is another cute story that is not specifically about Ray but at a Ray event.  As you know, if a library called Ray would come, even libraries that did not need financial help.  The last time, and I mean very last time, Ray was guest of honor for the Beverly Hills library he basically held court for the rich and famous.  Even the docents for the library were people of note.

A table was setup for Ray to chat with people and sign books, most of them personalized.  The library had pre-sold books or was given books by patrons who could not attend.  A docent would bring out half a dozen books at a time.  I’d take the books, open them to the signature page, then pass them to Ray for signing.

Ray’s caregiver was standing on the other side of Ray when the first batch of books were brought out.  He looks at the docent and says to him, “Have people ever told you that you look like a younger Tom Hanks?”  The response from the docent was, “Yes, I have been told that before.”  I have a big grin on my face as he looks over to me and gives an all knowing wink.  The docent was Colin Hanks.

This came to mind because Tom Hanks received the Medal of Freedom from the president today.

(14) MY FAVORITE HEADLINE OF THE DAY: “Sith Gets Real: Lucasfilm Releases New ‘Rogue One’ Stills With Clear Look At Darth Vader” — from ScienceFictin.com.

(15) YADA YODA. Gamespot leads us to this clip from Stephen Colbert’s Late Night show — “Carrie Fisher Reveals More (Fake) Star Wars Secrets”:

There were a lot of pranks on set. One time we cut off Mark Hamill’s hand and they decided to keep it in the movie.


[Thanks to Bartimaeus, JJ, Andrew Porter, John King Tarpinian, Darrah Chavey, and Daniel Dern for some of these stories. Title credit goes to File 770 contributing editor of the day Kip W.]

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  1. If there are any practicing sorcerers commenting here, is there a way to pre-emptively turn the Puppies into real puppies? It wouldn’t be so cruel; we could give them liberal papers to pee on, let them star in endless youtube videos, and every night they could cuddle together in a basket of adorables.
    We could crowd source the ingredients of the potion. I don’t have any eye of newt, but I think there’s some hair of the dog lying around somewhere.

  2. Kevin Harkness: I think there’s some hair of the dog lying around somewhere.

    Well, there was some, but… I… er… 😉


    It’s pretty pathetic and cowardly to make claims about what someone has supposedly said without linking to their actual words so that readers can judge for themselves.

    But then, that’s Standard Operating Procedure at MGC, isn’t it? Tell your readers what to think, and don’t give them a chance to decide for themselves what they think. 🙄

  4. (11) also Vin Scully, Diana Ross, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, to whom the president only stands shoulder high.

  5. “As far as this goes, the Hugos are dead, The Puppies didn’t kill them, they were dead when Larry started the Puppies. The Hugos were dead because nobody cared anymore.”

    Then why is he still writing about them? Why a new Sad Puppies 5? Why this continuing hulabaloo? Let us dead people rest in peace.

  6. There is a sale of Image Comics graphic novels on at Comixology at the moment. Loads of great stuff.

    Of the ones I’ve read, Monstress is a recent release that is definitely worth checking out, and there is the fantastic The Wicked + The Divine. Honourable mentions also to Lazarus, Shutter and Birthright.

    There is also The Autumnlands by Kurt Busiek of this parish, but I assume we’re already well aware of it.

  7. I thought part of the Sad Puppies remit WAS to save the Hugos from the likes of Filers and “Social justice warriors”.

    And not naming Jemisin in #4 is just petty. But maybe the MGC feels that they don’t need to, because everyone “knows”.

    You’d think though the Puppies would be happier. They have the government of their dreams. Republican Senate, House and Presidency.

  8. Set out scrolling but I’ll take my time
    A friend of the pixels is a friend of mine….


  9. I’ve thought of Walt Kelly a bunch of times recently, and posted a grim bit of his verse in its entirety:

    The gentle journey jars to stop.
    The drifting dream is done.
    The long-gone goblins loom ahead.
    The deadly, who we thought were dead,
    Stand waiting, every one.

    It occurs to me that he looked around, there in 1954, and saw things going to pot after everyone thought we’d finished with all that. This poem came to me often in the early 2000s. We’ve been through this before. Hopefully, we’ll get out of it again.

    Appertaining some eggnog. My daughter got me the low-fat kind that tastes like 40 grams each of fat and sugar, but only has half that. There’s no elegant word for “less-high” fat. Taking small sips. I’m off to see the Fen Critturs.

  10. (10) Hawking’s view is entirely plausible. However, he’s also an advocate of colonizing distant planets, and if there’s one thing that surely would make an irascible race of aliens dig for their cans of antimatter whup-ass, it would be a human infestation in their corner of the universe.

  11. Now I’m wondering if London Turkle was Landon Chesney. It’s probably obvious to others. I’ve been a fan of Chesney’s since I learned who Big Daddy “Pap” Shmeer really was, and have a couple of his fan comics in Fandom’s Finest Comics, volumes 1 and 2 (the only volumes I know of, hint hint). I’m trying to embed it, but flickr doesn’t exactly make it easy or predictable. Let’s see (edit is going to be my friend on this one):


    Genius, man. I suspect that’s as embedded as I’ll get. Here’s a page with some more Chesney art that I found while searching for clues. I really like his work. I put him up with Roger Brand and classic Corben (before he disappeared into his own style) as one of the all-time great fan artists.

  12. @Paul Weimer: the Puppies may have the political scene they want, but their wish list is eroding: no special prosecutor against Clinton, no waterboarding (Trump says the former CentCom headand possible SecDef nominee told him “Give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers, and I’ll do better”), disavowal of the alt-right, Muslim registry looking unlikely, … — all the glass-half-empty types have plenty to piss&moan about, even though Trump still looks like a bleeding disaster for a lot of us.

  13. (1)-(4)
    I admit to having a fleeting thought along the lines of “hey, a good quarrel approaching!” Yeah, I feel bad about it.

    I remain unimpressed by Green’s ability to understand and recieve criticism. And I remain unimpressed by the mad genius’ habit of criticizing “a certain someone” with no names, no links, and no quotes.

    (5) Harlan Owl “an organsing genius”,
    I wondered if that was some (unintelligible to me) pun from the comix creators, but I’ll just appertain myself a drink instead.

  14. (8) Very interesting. Found one to add to the TBR mountain. (Dodged a bullet on another one thanks to Goodreads.)

    On a separate note, there are a series of giveaways planned for James A. Moore’s Seven Forges series. I think it is a great series and well worth the time/effort to engage.

    (4) Sheesh. Either discuss it or don’t bother bringing it up. (I’m assuming that this is the blog to which Ms. Paulk refers.)


  15. It’s official: America has caught VD!

    Basically, the alt-right is a group of thinkers who believe that Western civilization is inseparable from European ethnicity—which is racist, obviously. It’s people who believe that if Western civilization were to take in too many people of different colors and different ethnicities and different religions, then that would necessarily involve the interior collapse of Western civilization. As you may notice, this has nothing to do with the Constitution. It has nothing to do with the Declaration of Independence. It has nothing to do actually with Western civilization. The whole principle of Western civilization is that anybody can involve himself or herself in civilized values. That’s not what the alt-right believes—at least its leading thinkers, people like Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor and Vox Day. Those kind of folks will openly acknowledge that this is their thought process.

    Ben Shapiro demonstrates the sort of Occidental bias I like. This is how principled conservatives, from my experience, talk.

    The guy who taught me Western Civilization was a conservative, somewhat libertarian, a unitarian and a universalist who was not a Unitarian Universalist, and a really good guy despite all the places where we disagreed. We talked a lot after class and after I’d finished classes. This sounds a lot like him.

  16. alt-right believes—at least its leading thinkers, people like Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor and Vox Day.

    Theodore Beale, leading thinker of the alt-right.

    The Puppies have truly won. Except for that Hugo thing.

  17. Theodore Beale, leading thinker of the alt-right.

    Which, really, just shows the level of intellectual vacuity there…

  18. (8) Current year reading is hard! I dunno how you guys do it. Added The Summer Dragon and The Book of the Unnamed Midwife to the TBR.

    Still working on The Family Plot by Cherie Priest. On deck is Borderline, Everfair, The Chimes (2016 US release), “The Last Days of New Paris”, I have Three Dark Crowns at the library…send help.

  19. @Bill: When I was at the Drive-By Truckers show in Atlanta Saturday, the two older black men working security in front of me at the rail were appreciative and a little surprised to hear that in the pre-show mix. By the time Fight The Power came on, they seemed pretty happy, even with The Clash and Television interspersed.

  20. Theodore Beale, leading thinker of the alt-right.

    Reminds me of the claim that Mad magazine used to make: “number one in a field of one”

  21. Theodore Beale, leading thinker of the alt-right.

    Sounds like an oxymoron to me.

    Re Trump: my biggest hope is that he focusses on setting up his business interests and leaves the rest aside. I beliefe that was the rason he ran in the first place.

    Its the End of the scroll as we know it,and I file fine!

  22. Ladies and gentlemens: Sad Puppies 5

    Hey. Minus the rhetoric? This is great. They’re going to stop bashing their heads against an award and a community that gives them no joy, and focus on constantly highlighting stuff that they like.

    Good for you, guys 🙂 I hope you find great material, build up a fantastic community, and have fun.

  23. So all the Sad Pups who don’t like the Hugo voting system and want first past the post in everything are protesting the failure of the first past the post candidate, who now has two million more votes than her competitor, they’re all the sort of principled people who are out protesting that, right?

  24. Peer on November 23, 2016 at 11:17 am said:

    Re Trump: my biggest hope is that he focusses on setting up his business interests and leaves the rest aside. I belief that was the reason he ran in the first place.

    Peer, the only thing wrong with that is that it leaves the field open for Paul Lyin’ Ryan to dismantle 75 years of the social safety net. Ryan is already licking his chops at the thought of killing Medicare and Social Security.

    Not to mention the danger to Civil Rights that Jeff Sessions represents. And women’s reproductive health care under the tender ministrations of Mike Pence.

    Frankly, the President-Elect may be the consummate grifter and conman, but he may be the ONLY brake on the plutocrats destroying the country for anyone who is not a billionaire.

  25. Techgirl: I dont say I like it. I know this is bad. But im not sure Trump will be a puppet like Bush, who more or less did what his people told him. If his focusis somewhere else (business) other things might not pass as easily. Its a slim hope, yeah, Im aware of that. Im an optimist, but I dont have much to work with here, but there is always hope imho.

  26. (1) He’s not wrong about the lack of action; even we vile SJW’s noticed that. But even a blind Puppy, etc. etc.
    (4) Oh, Nora did not say that. (Thanks to Dann for the actual link) “Fifth Season” won b/c it was astoundingly mind-bogglingly great.

    But wow. Pups are infighting more than liberals. If the Hugos were so dead, why did Larry want one so much? Why did they say the Hugos needed to be saved from the dread SJW curse of noticing that women and minorities have talent? And why do they sound so much like “aw, those grapes were probably sour anyway”? (Aesop!)

    Most real fans aren’t going to pay the price of even an associate membership just to vote.
    No, sweet summer child, as usual for Puppies, you’ve got it completely backwards. “Real fans” pay that price yearly because they care about SF, fandom, and quality. Buying associate memberships supports the cause. Dilettantes pay it just to be petty.
    Now run off and think lovely thoughts of how the new administration is going to put all those uppity women, queers, and brown people in their place.

    (6) Awesome title, Mike!

    (11, 13) (I’m gonna appertain something for the missing 12): She’s great. So glad she got this. This here is a very good group of awardees. I am so gonna miss having an honest-to-gosh geek who thinks with his brain running the joint.

    @Standback: That story’s good, but the whole is less than the sum of its parts. I feel like one more rewrite would have made it outstanding.

    @Kip W: Does it really taste good? What brand? I love eggnog but the sugar and fat aren’t appropriate at this age.

    @JAA: Oh please. It’s on Slate. The alt-right flees from it as vampires from crosses. Although ego might get them to glance at it to call Shapiro a fake conservative and other insults. You’re right, he’s what conservatives used to be… but the right wing has moved the Overton window so much farther right that he looks like a pinko commie librul just for pointing out obvious racism.

    @Cam: BFD. Sigh.

  27. Currently reading Women of Futures Past edited by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. I’m really enjoying this anthology, especially reading stories by familiar authors that I haven’t read before! I appreciate that the editor included information about author anthologies in the comments before the included story. It is a really interesting look at how she chose the stories. Adding KKR to my list for Best Editor Short Fiction.

    I keep adding things to Mount TBR. And I need to recheck the recc thread for graphic novels. Suggestions welcome!

    I’m very thankful to File 770 and the many wonderful people here who provide such fantastic reading suggestions! Thank you, Mike, for providing this space for us and for collecting the news.

  28. @Lurkertype:

    But wow. Pups are infighting more than liberals. If the Hugos were so dead, why did Larry want one so much?

    I’m not sure what the “Oh please” is about, but I take no offense.

  29. @Lurkertype:

    That story’s good, but the whole is less than the sum of its parts. I feel like one more rewrite would have made it outstanding.

    Interesting. Care to expand on that?

    I kind of feel like there’s a lot there that isn’t said outright, but fits together once you mull it over. Which I really enjoyed. I don’t think I *could* disassemble this one into parts. 😛

  30. (1) DOGGONE IT

    Carlton has added an update responding to Green. I find it quite relaxing to watch them fisking each other for once.

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