Sasquan Agenda Finalized

Yesterday was the deadline to submit new motions to the Sasquan business meeting. Kevin Standlee says the agenda in its essentially final form will include ratification votes on four constitutional amendments initially passed at LonCon 3, eight proposed amendments to the WSFS Constitution, and five resolutions.

You can find the agenda here.

Standlee says the YA Hugo study committee will not offer a proposal but unlike last year it will report progress:

There is no proposal from the YA Award committee. After discussing it (and they’ll have a long report which will be online along with other reports before Worldcon and will form part of a huge — currently 60 page — set of Business Meeting handouts), the committee decided to ask to be continued for a year with the idea of producing something next year, particularly given the crowded agenda this year.

The YA Hugo study committee was authorized by the 2013 business meeting, after members voted “object to consideration” to a motion that would have created the category. The published list of members is here:

This new committee is chaired by Dave McCarty. The members are Jodie Baker, Adam Beaton, Warren Buff, Johnny Carruthers, Martin Easterbrook, Chris Garcia, Helen Gbala, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Tim Illingworth, Farah Mendelsohn, Sue “Twilight” Mohn, Helen Montgomery, Cheryl Morgan, Kate Secor, Kevin Standlee, Adam Tesh, Peter De Weerdt, Tehani Wessely, Clark Wierda, Lew Wolkoff, Aurora Celeste and Dina Krause.

The committee reported last year at LonCon 3 that no progress had been made but it was renewed for another year.

3 thoughts on “Sasquan Agenda Finalized

  1. FWIW, it sounds like the YA Committee did make progress this year, but not enough to finalize a concrete proposal, and they saw a logjam of proposals this year that could end up swamping the consideration whatever they propose will need. Business Meetings have been known to grow impatient with too much business and kill stuff not because it isn’t viable, but because they don’t want to deal with it right now.

    I’m pretty sure there were several other proposals (around at least six of which I’m aware, probably more that I never saw) that met the same fate of “wait until next year.”

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