SFWA Bulletin Now Available on Amazon

SFWA BulletinThe Spring 2015 issue of the SFWA Bulletin published by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is now available in a Kindle edition from Amazon for $2.99.

The features in the current issue are:

  • Editorial – John Klima
  • Ask N&E: Answers You Want To Know – Nancy Holder & Erin Underwood
  • Conquering Your Inbox: Strategies for Winning the E-mail War (Gmail Edition) – John Joseph Adams
  • Respectful Journalist: Rule of 3 – John Stuart
  • Building for Discovery – Blair MacGregor
  • Running a Writing Workshop, Part II – Cat Rambo
  • Premature Submission Syndrome (PSS) – Bud Sparhawk
  • Market Report – Cynthia Ward
  • Cover art – Lindsey Look

SFWA Cookbook COMPAlso now available from Amazon is Ad Astra: The 50th Anniversary SFWA Cookbook edited by Cat Rambo and Fran Wilde.  From Alien Scones to At the Fruitcake of Madness, DOOM Cookies, Falling Cloud Cake, and Miss Murder’s Black Forest Trifle, there are 157 dishes and how-tos from 134 writers, editors and agents. The Kindle edition is $9.99, the spiral-bound paper edition is $19.95.

5 thoughts on “SFWA Bulletin Now Available on Amazon

  1. Re: Cookbooks

    I have a copy of Serve It Forth at home, which was a collection of recipes from SF&F writers edited by Anne McCaffrey, and which included things like David Gerrold’s “Death to the Enemies of the Revolution Chili”… which, given that it’s David Gerrold (The Trouble with Tribbles), is a hoot to read the instructions for.

  2. There’s a new Gerrold recipe in this one, but alas, no McCaffrey. She actually did two cookbooks for SFWA – the other is Cooking Out of This World (1992), which preceded Serve It Forth.

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