The Wedding Clasher

“What is it with George Takei and his issues with me,” rants William Shatner in response to the multitude of press stories about Takei’s decision not to invite Shatner to his wedding. However, George Takei told Entertainment Tonight that he did invite Shatner, then never heard from him.

David Klaus, who sent the story, issues a caution about Shatner’s YouTube video: “This is difficult to watch, to the point of being painful. There is so much anger on both sides…. I respect both men equally for their individual accomplishments, and that there is so much ill-will between them (and between Mr. Shatner and the rest of the cast as well, except for Mr. Nimoy) is difficult to grok.

“Fans always expect the cast to be who they portray in their personal actions and ethics, and forget that the Enterprise only exists as a miniature model or as a graphic on a monitor screen and the actors come from different levels of emotional maturity (even at their advanced ages) and different educations and life experiences, not the discipline and common ethic of Starfleet and its Academy.”

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