Top 10 Posts for September 2018

The Dragon Award winners post normally has a lot of readers anyway, however, when Stephen M. Stirling dropped in to refute some skeptical comments – “As for the Dragon Awards process, it’s transparent if you assume the people running it are telling the truth, which I do because I know and trust several of them” – the debate went into overdrive.

September’s most-read Pixel Scroll was lifted into first place by an item about the reading of Prometheus Award winner Travis Corcoran’s speech at the Libertarian Futurist Society award ceremony at Worldcon 76, which he largely devoted to attacking conventions, editors, and publishing houses where “The sociopaths have pushed the geeks out and have taken over the cultural territory.” Filers had a few things to say bout that subject, too.

These were the Top 10 posts in September:

  1. 2018 Dragon Awards
  2. Pixel Scroll 9/2/18 Elvish Has Left The Building
  3. Pixel Scroll 9/12/18 Pleonasmatic
  4. Pixel Scroll 9/5/18 With This Simple Trick You Can Scroll Wild Pixels From Home
  5. Pixel Scroll 9/1/18 Knives, Pixels, Files, Scrolls Of Energy Raved Against The Screens Of The Dentless
  6. Pixel Scroll 9/13/18 A Pixel Without A Scroll Is Like Leslie Fish Without A Bicycle Card
  7. Pixel Scroll 9/19/18 Smells Like Teen Pixel
  8. Pixel Scroll 9/26/18 Ent Misbehavin’
  9. Pixel Scroll 9/9/18 I Can’t Get No Pixel Action When I’m Reading Pixel Scroll
  10. Pixel Scroll 9/23/18 We Can Pixel It For You Scrollsale

And here is the Scroll-free Top 10 —

  1. 2018 Dragon Awards
  2. It’s Not Hard to Find the Real Numbers
  3. Goodreads v. FIYAH, Round 2
  4. Goodreads Extinguishes FIYAH
  5. Brianna Wu Loses Massachusetts Congressional Primary Race
  6. Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions #35
  7. FIYAH Reappears on Goodreads
  8. Real-world Dystopias: Ponte City
  9. 2018 Recommended SF/F List
  10. Best Editor Long Form and Short Form Hugo: Eligible Works from 2018

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