Top 10 Posts of February 2020

Andrew Porter’s tribute to Elyse Rosenstein went viral, circulated by Star Trek fans who wanted to share their gratitude to the person whose idea sparked the first Trek convention.

The next most-read post was about the bid to hold the 2022 Worldcon in Saudi Arabia. Many fans have dropped in to gather information and read the bidders’ resume of their conrunning experience.

File 770’s ongoing 2019 recommendation post, and JJ’s awards season reading and reviewing tools, have also had many visits from fans preparing to nominate for the Hugos.

  1. Elyse Rosenstein Has Died
  2. A Worldcon in Saudi Arabia?
  3. Pixel Scroll 2/24/20 You Make Me Vote Like A Natural Person…
  4. Pixel Scroll 2/16/20 I Scroll. The Pixels Take The Same Shape As A Previous Title. All Scroll. O The Embarrassment
  5. Pixel Scroll 2/19/20 It’s Just A Scroll To The Left, A Little Click To The Right
  6. Pixel Scroll 2/23/20 Old Possum’s Scroll Of Practically Universal Robotic Cats
  7. Pixel Scroll 2/14/20 Requires Much More Work Before It Can Be Submitted
  8. 2019 Nebula Award Finalists
  9. 2019 Recommended SF/F List
  10. Pixel Scroll 2/18/20 They Paved Alpha Ralpha Boulevard And Put Up A Parking Lot


  1. Elyse Rosenstein Has Died
  2. A Worldcon in Saudi Arabia?
  3. 2019 Nebula Award Finalists
  4. 2019 Recommended SF/F List
  5. JeddiCon Bidders Discuss Their Experience
  6. Romance Writers of America Board Resigns, Calls Special Election
  7. GRRM on the Hugo Losers Party
  8. 2019 Novellapalooza
  9. Baltimore Science Fiction Society Announces Compton Crook Finalists
  10. Is This Practice Unreal or Unfit? It’s Both

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