Top 10 Stories for September 2023

The Dragon Award winners post was the only news story to hold its head above the flood of Pixel Scrolls in September. However, Harlan Ellison news and the Big Book of Cyberpunk table of contents still drew many readers. And congratulations to Steve Vertlieb who wrote three articles that ranked in the “Scroll-Free Top 10”.

Here are the ten most widely-read posts of Septembert 2023 according to dreaded Jetpack.

  1. 2023 Dragon Award Winners
  2. Pixel Scroll 9/7/23 Like Pixels Through The Hourglass, So Are The Scrolls Of Our Lives
  3. Pixel Scroll 9/16/23 Hush Little Pixel, Mama’s Going To Buy You A Scroll
  4. Pixel Scroll 9/18/23 Take A Pixel, Leave A Pixel
  5. Pixel Scroll 9/10/23 The Scroll Goes Ever On And On, Far From The File Where It Began
  6. Pixel Scroll 9/25/23 It Was The Filer In The Scroll With The Candlestick
  7. Pixel Scroll 9/8/23 Pixel? I Don’t Need A Pixel, My File Is On The Bandstand, My Scroll Is On The Floor
  8. Pixel Scroll 9/14/23 There Are Some Things Money Can’t Buy; For Everything Else, There’s Pixel Scroll
  9. Pixel Scroll 9/11/23 Pixels Are A Scroll’s Best Friend
  10. Pixel Scroll 9/23/23 I Can’t Scroll, Don’t Ask Me, My Heart Won’t Let My Pixel Do Things It Shouldn’t Do


  1. 2023 Dragon Award Winners
  2. Straczynski Gives Harlan Ellison Book Updates
  3. Big Book of Cyberpunk TOC Released
  4. Remembering Allan Asherman
  5. 2023 Ig Nobel Prize Winners
  6. Fables Fly Free
  7. First Chengdu Worldcon Business Meeting Reports and Motions Available
  8. Robert Bloch: The Psychology of Horror
  9. Worldcon Wayback Machine: Thursday at ConFrancisco (1993) Day 1
  10. “Nosferatu” on Stage and Screen: New Chords for a Classic “Symphony of Horror”

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