Worldcon 75 Releases Hugo Voter Packet

The 2017 Hugo Awards voter packet is now available for download by Supporting, Attending, Youth and First Worldcon members of Worldcon 75. The packet is an electronic collection that helps voters become better informed about the pool of finalists. Works included are made available by finalists and their publishers.

The voter packet contains complete texts of many Hugo-nominated works, preview versions of some works, and directions for finding some finalists’ works online. The packet itself can be accessed by members directly from their online ballots with personalized links.

Nicholas Whyte, Hugo administrator for Worldcon 75, said:

This year’s voter packet is the most extensive and complete collection since the packet’s inception in its present form 10 years ago. We are deeply appreciative of the publishers, authors, artists, editors, and other creators who have generously provided their works to this year’s Hugo Voter Packet, and ask that voters who feel the same way consider posting on social media to thank the publishers, editors, and creators who have participated in the packet.

In most ballot categories there are separate downloads for each of the three most common ebook formats (EPUB, MOBI, and PDF). In the few cases where a publisher has provided only a PDF version of a work, the PDF has been included in each of the different format packets so that members will not have to do extra downloading. The exceptions to this are the Dramatic Presentation, Artist, Graphic Story, Fancast, and Editor Long Form categories, where there is only a PDF download.

The Hugo Voter Packet will be available for download until the voting deadline at 11:59 pm Pacific Daylight Time on 15 July 2017 (2:59 am EDT, 07:59 BST, 09:59 EEST). As in previous years, Worldcon 75 asks that voters honor publishers’ and creators’ request that they reserve these copies for their personal use only, and that they do not share these works with non-members of Worldcon 75.

Here is an overview of the packet contents:

  • Novel: 5 full novels and 1 excerpt
  • Novella: 6 full novellas
  • Novelette: 6 full novelettes
  • Short Story: 6 full short stories
  • Related Work: 4 full long works, 1 full short work, and 1 excerpt
  • Graphic Story: 6 full works in PDF form only
  • Dramatic Presentation (Long Form): a PDF document summarizing the Finalists, with hyperlinks to each work’s video trailer, official website, IMdb entry, and Wikipedia entry.
  • Dramatic Presentation (Short Form): a PDF document summarizing the Finalists, with hyperlinks to each work’s video trailer, official website, IMdb entry, and Wikipedia entry. In the case of the Clipping musical work, links are included to listen for free on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp.
  • Editor – Short Form: submissions from 6 editors
  • Editor – Long Form: submissions from 6 editors
  • Professional Artist: image galleries for 6 artists, with citations of where and when each work was published, and a PDF document with links to all the artists’ websites
  • Semiprozine:  submissions from 6 semiprozines
  • Fanzine: submissions from 6 fanzines
  • Fancast: PDF submissions for 6 fancasts with episode summaries and links to online podcasts
  • Fan Writer: submissions from 5 fan writers and 1 PDF document with a link to an online submission from a 6th fan writer
  • Fan Artist: image galleries for 6 artists, and a PDF document with links to all the artists’ websites
  • Series: 2 full series, 1 novel for each of 2 series, 1 excerpt for each of 2 series, and a PDF document for each series which lists all the works in the series and includes some hyperlinks to bonus related online content.
  • John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer: 3 novels, 2 novellas, and 9 short stories for 6 authors

Readers who do not have membership in Worldcon 75 can still access a great deal of Finalist material at no cost; see this page for links: Where To Find The 2017 Hugo Finalists For Free Online.

Those wishing to purchase membership to Worldcon 75 may still do so. Supporting membership is €35 / $40; Adult Attending membership is €195 / $215; and First-Time Adult Attending membership is €95 / $110. All three of these membership levels are eligible to receive the Hugo Voter’s Packet. Worldcon 75 Membership Page.

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101 thoughts on “Worldcon 75 Releases Hugo Voter Packet

  1. I can’t unzip on my phone without a new app. 🙁

    Anyone checked out which novels are included in full yet?

  2. Wow; after last year’s plethora of excerpts I’m really excited to get so many complete works!

  3. Yay! I was past beginning to wonder. So happy to see this.

    I got Obelisk Gate out of the library in e-book form. At first I thought I wasn’t going to be able to understand it without re-reading Fifth Season, but I kept trying and mostly got there in the end, I think. It’s a powerful book, but I spent the first fourth of it thinking “wait, who is this again?”

  4. According to the Worldcon 75 web site, Jo van Ekeren is the Hugo Packet coordinator. Huzzah to Jo for wonderful work!

    And a deep felt thank you to all the righsholders who contributed to the packet. Kiitos, as they say in Finland.

  5. For reference, this tweet lists all of the full fiction/best related in the packet. Anything not listed in those categories is an excerpt.

    ETA: +1 to what Ultragotha said.

  6. According to the Worldcon 75 web site, Jo van Ekeren is the Hugo Packet coordinator. Huzzah to Jo for wonderful work!

    And a deep felt thank you to all the righsholders who contributed to the packet. Kiitos, as they say in Finland.

    Thanks a whole lot. And also many thanks to the rightsholders.

  7. Mark: For reference, this tweet lists all of the full fiction/best related in the packet. Anything not listed in those categories is an excerpt.

    And that’s not all the fiction in the packet, either — there are a bunch of additional works in the Campbell, Short Form Editor, and Semiprozine packets, as well, and a bunch of novel excerpts in the Long Form Editor packet.

  8. <applause!> to Jo van Ekarin for publisher-wrangling and the beautiful job assembling a user-friendly, ebook-friendly Hugo packet. And sincere thanks to the various publishers for granting the rights to so many works.

  9. @JJ

    Good point, it’s just that that was the fullest list I’ve seen so far.

    @Mark (non-kitteh edition)

    Darn, bad luck there.

    On the converse, the only series I don’t have a reasonable amount of/all of is the one that’s in the packet in full. Bwahaha!

  10. Hurray for Jo van Ekeren!

    I was especially happy to see Too Like the Lightning — I’ve got it in audio but wanted the ebook, and I’m especially happy for the non-US voters who didn’t have easy access to the book til now — and also the full Craft Sequence, since only the first two of those are available in audio. And I’m impressed that TEN books were included for October Daye, though I’ve got the audios of most of those already. Also very happy about all the stuff in the Campbell category!

    Gonna be a busy coupla months!

  11. Awesome! Thanks to Jo van Ekeren and all the publishers and creators who contributed.

  12. Can I register for a aupporting member? 5 books for $40 plus the shorter stuff is a good deal.

  13. I wonder if the Cn being in finland is why more works were submitted? Finland is a smaller market so maybe they dont see much loss in sales.

  14. @Guess

    Yes, you can, and I’ve seen the W75 account confirming you’ll still get the packet if you do.

  15. Yesterday Hugo deadline seemed so far away
    Now it looks the packet’s here to stay
    Lots of stuff, no time to play.

    Suddenly, so much busier than I used to be
    Here’s the ballot, all the spots are free.
    Unzip the files, what shall I see?

    How I am to choose I don’t know I cannot say.
    I must read it all, start right away.

  16. Hands internet to Giant Panda with one hand while trying to scrub earworm from brain with the other.

    That is an amazing packet. Thank you very much, Jo Van Ekeren! And that’s a whole lot more than five books for the price of a supporting membership. I tried to count, but I ran out of fingers before I got to the Best Series offerings.

  17. @Guess
    The extra materials aren’t as far as I can see because of Finland, they’re mainly down to changes in the Hugo categories.
    In previous years the categories have had 5 finalists, this year 6. Which even when there’s a puppy spolier/hostage, means more.
    The Best Series experimental category is brand new, so extra stuff from there.

  18. All hail the Packet Organizer! Best Packet EVAR!

    @GiantPanda: I will be singing this as I unzip files.

  19. In one of those “I’ve started so I’ll finish” moments, I’ve listed the packet contents in terms of full vs excerpt, formats, etc, in case it’s of use to anyone. I’ve only actually looked at the mobi files, so where I write “all formats” it’s in the belief that if there’s a mobi there will also be an epub.

    Best Novel
    • All the Birds in the Sky, by Charlie Jane Anders – Full work, all formats
    • A Closed and Common Orbit, by Becky Chambers – Full work, pdf only, watermark
    • Death’s End, by Cixin Liu, translated by Ken Liu – Full work, all formats
    • Ninefox Gambit, by Yoon Ha Lee – Full work, all formats
    • The Obelisk Gate, by N. K. Jemisin – Excerpt, pdf only
    • Too Like the Lightning, by Ada Palmer – Full work, all formats

    Best Novella
    • The Ballad of Black Tom, by Victor LaValle – Full work, all formats
    • The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe, by Kij Johnson – Full work, all formats
    • Every Heart a Doorway, by Seanan McGuire– Full work, all formats
    • Penric and the Shaman, by Lois McMaster Bujold – Full work, all formats
    • A Taste of Honey, by Kai Ashante Wilson – Full work, all formats
    • This Census-Taker, by China Miéville – Full work, pdf only, ugly great big watermark

    Best Novelette
    • Alien Stripper Boned From Behind By The T-Rex, by Stix Hiscock – Full work, all formats
    • “The Art of Space Travel”, by Nina Allan – Full work, all formats
    • “The Jewel and Her Lapidary”, by Fran Wilde – Full work, all formats
    • “The Tomato Thief”, by Ursula Vernon – Full work, all formats
    • “Touring with the Alien”, by Carolyn Ives Gilman – Full work, all formats
    • “You’ll Surely Drown Here If You Stay”, by Alyssa Wong – Full work, all formats

    Best Short Story
    • “The City Born Great”, by N. K. Jemisin – Full work, all formats
    • “A Fist of Permutations in Lightning and Wildflowers”, by Alyssa Wong – Full work, all formats
    • “Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies”, by Brooke Bolander – Full work, all formats
    • “Seasons of Glass and Iron”, by Amal El-Mohtar – Full work, all formats
    • “That Game We Played During the War”, by Carrie Vaughn – Full work, all formats
    • “An Unimaginable Light”, by John C. Wright – Full work, pdf only

  20. Best Related Work
    • The Geek Feminist Revolution, by Kameron Hurley – Full work, all formats
    • The Princess Diarist, by Carrie Fisher – excerpt, pdf only, no watermark (hurrah!)
    • Traveler of Worlds: Conversations with Robert Silverberg, by Robert Silverberg and Alvaro Zinos-Amaro – Full work, all formats
    • The View From the Cheap Seats, by Neil Gaiman – Full work, pdf only, no watermark (hurrah!)
    • The Women of Harry Potter posts, by Sarah Gailey – Compilation of 5 essays, I don’t know if that’s the full set or not, all formats
    • Words Are My Matter: Writings About Life and Books, 2000-2016, by Ursula K. Le Guin – Full work, all formats

    Best Graphic Story
    • Black Panther, Volume 1: A Nation Under Our Feet – Full work, pdf, watermark
    • Monstress, Volume 1: Awakening – Full work, pdf, no watermark
    • Ms. Marvel, Volume 5: Super Famous – Full work, pdf, watermark
    • Paper Girls, Volume 1 – Full work, pdf, watermark
    • Saga, Volume 6 – Full work, pdf, watermark
    • The Vision, Volume 1: Little Worse Than A Man – Full work, pdf, no watermark

    Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form) / Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)
    Pdfs with some details

    Best Editor – Short Form
    • John Joseph Adams – submission with 40-odd short fiction, all formats
    • Neil Clarke – Clarkesworld 121 (10th Anniversary Edition)
    • Ellen Datlow – submission with 11 short stories, all formats, looks like all her work.
    • Jonathan Strahan- submission including the Drowned Worlds anthology, Dream Quest of Vellitt Boe, 2 shorts, and a Locus editorial (all in all formats)
    • Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas – submission including 10 shorts, various essays, poems, all seem to be from Uncanny.
    • Sheila Williams – Asimov’s Oct/Nov 2016 “Slightly Spooky Special Issue”

    Best Editor – Long Form
    • Vox Day – List of credits
    • Sheila E. Gilbert – List of credits and some excerpts
    • Liz Gorinsky – List of credits
    • Devi Pillai – List of credits
    • Miriam Weinberg – List of credits
    • Navah Wolfe – List of credits and some excerpts

  21. Best Professional Artist
    All – pdfs with art samples
    • Galen Dara
    • Julie Dillon
    • Chris McGrath
    • Victo Ngai
    • John Picacio
    • Sana Takeda

    Best Semiprozine
    • Beneath Ceaseless Skies – Issue 200, all formats
    • Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine– packet submission with selected fiction, poems, essays, all formats
    • GigaNotoSaurus – packet submission with their full 2016 run, all formats
    • Strange Horizons – July 2016 special issue “Our Queer Planet”, pdf only
    • Uncanny Magazine – packet submission with selected fiction, poems, essays, all formats (the same as for their BESF submission?)
    • The Book Smugglers – packet submission with various fiction and essays
    Best Fanzine
    • Castalia House Blog – packet submission, all formats
    • Journey Planet – various issues, pdf only
    • Lady Business – packet submission, all formats
    • nerds of a feather, flock together – packet submission, all formats
    • Rocket Stack Rank – various articles, pdf only
    • SF Bluestocking – packet submission, all formats

    Best Fancast
    All provided pdfs with links etc, generally in the format of some “featured episodes” and then links to all episodes. Tea and Jeopardy provided an mp3 of Episode 50. Rageaholic provided a link to himself on Youtube and nothing else.
    • The Coode Street Podcast, presented by Gary K. Wolfe and Jonathan Strahan
    • Ditch Diggers, presented by Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace
    • Fangirl Happy Hour, presented by Ana Grilo and Renay Williams
    • Galactic Suburbia, presented by Alisa Krasnostein, Alexandra Pierce and Tansy Rayner Roberts, produced by Andrew Finch
    • The Rageaholic, presented by RazörFist
    • Tea and Jeopardy, presented by Emma Newman with Peter Newman

    Best Fan Writer
    Packet submissions with selected works, in all formats, with the exception of Chuck Tingle who provided a pdf with a link to his SECRET PAGE.
    • Mike Glyer
    • Jeffro Johnson
    • Natalie Luhrs
    • Foz Meadows
    • Abigail Nussbaum
    • Chuck Tingle

  22. Best Fan Artist
    All – pdfs with art samples
    • Ninni Aalto
    • Vesa Lehtimäki
    • Likhain (M. Sereno)
    • Spring Schoenhuth
    • Steve Stiles
    • Elizabeth Leggett

    Best Series
    • The Craft Sequence, by Max Gladstone – Omnibus of all five books, all formats
    • The Expanse, by James S.A. Corey – Excerpt of Book 1, pdf only, watermark
    • The October Daye Books, by Seanan McGuire – Full series inc short fiction, novels accessed via Netgalley (epub or mobi available), short fiction in download as epubs
    • The Peter Grant / Rivers of London series, by Ben Aaronovitch – Excerpt of Book 1, pdf only, watermark
    • The Temeraire series, by Naomi Novik – Full copy of first book, pdf only, watermark
    • The Vorkosigan Saga, by Lois McMaster Bujold – Full copy of Borders of Infinity, all formats

    John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer
    • Sarah Gailey – full copy of Haunted (all formats), plus pdf with links
    • J. Mulrooney – full copy of An Equation of Almost Infinite Complexity, all formats
    • Malka Older – full copy of Infomocracy and various short fiction, all formats
    • Ada Palmer – full copy of Too Like the Lightning, all formats
    • Laurie Penny – full copy of Everything Belongs to the Future (novella) and various short fiction, all formats
    • Kelly Robson – full copies of various short fiction, all formats

    (Apologies in advance for any inaccuracies, I only had time for brief skims so I’ve probably made some mistakes here and there)

  23. @Guess

    It is much better value that that. You are in effect getting 23 full novels, 1 full anthology, plus a whole heap of short work.

  24. Where does Dr Tingle’s link actually go? He was nominated for his work on Twitter etc. rather than for his fiction, but he says ‘explicit content’.

  25. So, if you want to be self-interested about it and wonder what you get in the packet that you couldn’t get for free online, I make it 24 novels, 6 novellas, 2 novelettes, 2 shorts, 4 non-fiction books, 6 graphic novels, 1 anthology, and a magazine. In addition, much of the other material is available nicely formatted for your ereader, which you would normally pay extra for, e.g. as a magazine issue or as an individual short.

    @Andrew M

    To a secrit page, of course! It’s got links to some of his other relevant pages, a video, and the full text of SLAMMED IN THE BUTT BY MY HUGO AWARD NOMINATION, which is presumably the NSFW part 🙂

  26. • Monstress, Volume 1: Awakening – Full work, pdf, no watermark
    • The Vision, Volume 1: Little Worse Than A Man – Full work, pdf, no watermark

    Both of these have watermarks, at least in the versions I downloaded.

  27. @Mark excellent work, thanks! I’m still so excited to get all the October Daye series and all the graphic novels (I can live with the watermarks).

    Chuck Tingle’s secret page looks like it contains the text to two Tinglers (SITB by my Hugo Award Nomination and SITB by my Hugo Award Loss), full respect for this fine way of man name of Chuck.

  28. FYI: I downloaded the October Daye epub from Netgalley and it looks like it has the standard 55 day window that all Netgalley books seem to have.

  29. Joe Sherry, what is the 55 day window for? Does the book expire and become unreadable thereafter, or what? (I’m unfamiliar with Netgalley.)

  30. I don’t object so much to the authors/publishers choosing to provide only PDFs with a watermark (especially if I can actually read it on my Kobo Glo HD or Nook Simple Touch), or choosing to provide just an excerpt but I just don’t get placing a huge watermark on every page of an excerpt. Also, it looks like none of the PDFs are those unreadable galleys designed for printing on letter (A4?) paper with registration marks for where the edges of the paper edition will be cut.

  31. @Cassy B: the Netgalley ebooks are basically the same as a library book with a 55 day expiration. You download the epub with Adobe Digital Editions, and you can either read it from ADE or you can copy it to a registered ereader, like a Nook or Kobo, and at the end of the 55 days, you just can’t read it any longer. I presume the Mobi format works the same way on a Kindle reader, but I’ve never tried reading with one.

  32. Yes, they expire like a library book and simply cannot be accessed, so you have to delete them. It’s a somewhat elegant solution to ebook loaning, in my opinion.

  33. @GiantPanda: LOL, nice “Yesterday” riff!

    @Joe Sherry: I was going to mention the NetGalley expiration, too. Obviously, there are ways around that. It’s still great, even if it’s highly unlikely most folks will read all 10 books in that time. But some will have already read one (raises hand) or more so it’s still great to have them all available.

    @Hugo Packet Person JvE, @Publishers, @Authors, @Artists, & @Worldcon: Many, many thanks! WOW!

    @Mark (Kitteh): Thanks for writing that info up! (Your “Best Fanzine” heading lost its line break and bold – maybe @Mike Glyer can fix that.)

  34. I’m especially happy to have A Closed and Common Orbit, since I just finished the first book a couple of nights ago. It was very good.

    I highly recommend the audiobook of The Obelisk Gate if the excerpt whets your appetite. The excerpt for book 1 is what got me to buy the first audiobook. Robin Miles is a superb narrator (and the book’s great, too, LOL).

    The PDFs with details and samples are great; I hope this continues in future years. Clearly a lot of work went into this packet, not just contacting people and throwing things into a folder!

    Kudos to Gilbert & Wolfe for including some excerpts (Gilbert did that before, IIRC). Very smart editors. And Kudos to the short fiction editors for all including stories, wow! Interesting that Strahan included a Locus editorial.

    I’m surprised, 6 books out and a 7th coming soon, Del Rey didn’t include the entire Rivers of London. On the other paw, Del Rey’s Just Like That. On the third paw, I have the audiobooks anyway (and love the narrator) – highly recommended if, again, the excerpt for “Rivers” whets your appetite. I’m also surprised just an excerpt for the first “Expanse” book, especially since I have the full book in PDF from whenever it was the publisher gave that away, a few years back. I’m very pleasantly surprised by the full “Craft Sequence” and NetGalley “October Day” (plus all shorts!) stuff.

    I’m super-rooting for “Tea and Jeopardy,” folks. ::side-eye to all:: 😉

    As before, though, the ones providing excerpts and novels in PDF – gah, please not (only) a PDF.

  35. In today’s re-run, Kendall yet again doesn’t check the box.


  36. JUST registered my supporting membership.

    Stripe kept declining the household Mastercard. I recall some conversation here about such difficulties but couldn’t remember the details. Took the personal Visa on the first try, though, so I didn’t end up having to desperately comb through File770 archives for clues.

    Have downloaded packet.

    Bedtime reading commences!

  37. At some point I missed an announcement about Elizabeth Leggett replacing Mansik Yang. In my file where I take notes on my votes (starting with just a list of people/works), I had Stiles & Schoenhuth replacing two other people, but I still had Yang on the list. I’m out of it, I guess.

  38. @Mike Glyer: Thanks, I just came here while catching up on today’s new to say “Oh never mind!” 😉 I should’ve read File 770 from work today!

    Also my comment was totally confused; Schoenhuth (sp?) didn’t replace anyone. Stiles did IIRC. I’m just losing it, sorry.

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