Worlds of Wonder Crowdfunding Appeal

One week remains in Regis Murphy’s Kickstarter appeal to fund Worlds of Wonder science fiction bookstore and tavern in Charlotte, North Carolina. The goal is to raise $45,000 “to meet the basic costs required to open in at least some form.”

The $45,000 will go toward inventory, to secure the lease, pay two full-time employees during pre-opening start-up, and to cover Kickstarter fees and the cost of incentives.

Learn more about the vision for Worlds of Wonder on Facebook and on its website.

Why open a bookstore in the age of Amazon and e-books? Murphy says he is undaunted, in fact, he thinks the outlook is improving for what he wants to do.

While many outside the industry perceive book retailing to be a fading enterprise, sales statistics reveal book buying has actually increased in recent years, somewhat ironically propelled by the popularity of e-books and e-readers. While the large chain bookstores continue to lose market share to Amazon, sales at independent bookstores have increased about 8 percent each year over the last three years. Sales at stores serving a niche market – science fiction and graphic novel enthusiasts, for instance – have performed even better.

Add to that, his bookstore will have a bar:

The owners of Worlds Of Wonder, taking note of the explosive growth in popularity of craft beer, believe their target market enjoy beer and wine, and combining a full service bar with a bookstore will generate curious interest.

Murphy says he has the passion, he has the energy – and though he’s putting in his savings, he’ll only have enough money if sf readers answer his call for help.

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