2016 Elgin and Dwarf Star Awards

The Science Fiction Poetry Association announced the winners of the Elgin Awards and the Dwarf Stars Award today.


Elgin Award: Book-Length Category

  • Crowned, by Mary Soon Lee


In second and third place were:

  • 2nd — The Robot Scientist’s Daughter, by Jeannine Hall Gailey
  • 3rd — Dark Energies, by Ann K. Schwader

Elgin Award: Chapbook Category

  • Undoing Winter, by Shannon Connor Winward


In second and third place were:

  • 2nd — Stairs Appear in a Hole Outside of Town, John Philip Johnson
  • 3rd — A Guide for the Practical Abductee, E. Kristin Anderson


  • “We Begin This Way”, Stacey Balkun


In second and third place were:

  • 2nd – (three-way tie)
    • “untitled” (‘at the barre’) Julie Bloss Kelsey
    • “The Doorman”, F. J. Bergmann
    • “The Weathering”, Sandi Leibowitz
  • 3rd — “Alice was chasing white rabbits out of a black hole”, John C. Mannone

The Dwarf Stars Award is given by the Science Fiction Poetry Association to recognize the best speculative poem of 1–10 lines published in the previous year.


The staff and executive committee of the SFPA announced that the organization’s current Treasurer, Bryan Thao Worra, has been chosen as the next President.

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