Amazing Will Host David Gerrold Comic

The revived Amazing Stories has acquired its first new piece of fiction, a graphic story by David Gerrold.

Gerrold had announced on Facebook that a comic book script he’d written had become orphaned through no fault of its own. Steve Davidson asked to see a copy and found it to be, “Unbelievably hilarious. Totally nerdy.” Next thing you know, Steve arranged for Amazing Stories to post it and publish a paper edition in conjunction with David’s DG Publishing imprint.

Comic artist Troy Boyle will do the art for the book. His credits include The Return of Happy the Clown, written by Gary Francis (1995).

Amazing Stories will publish teaser excerpts from the script, as well as some of Troy’s preliminary artwork, over the next few weeks.

Little has been revealed about the content yet, though Star Trek, Doctor Who and Tribbles seem to be involved….