Operation Motorman —  Journey Planet 72 

The latest issue of Journey Planet makes for difficult reading as James Bacon and Christopher J. Garcia present 20,000 words on the British military amphibious landing and military action on July 31, 1972 in Derry, Northern Ireland. 

Operation Motorman saw an innocent boy and innocent man gunned down. With landing craft deploying Centurion AVRE tanks directly to the city streets, the official view of a successful counter insurgency operation is considered and challenged. 

Families have spent decades fighting for justice, against immediate lies, denial and misrepresentation and the results of their perseverance is reflected on and documented.  

The subsequent murderous and pointless retaliation mere hours later by terrorists saw nine civilians killed in the small village of Claudy. This atrocity saw no one brought to justice.  The collusion between the British Government and Catholic Church to protect the perpetrator is presented.  

Shrouded in cover up and lies, much has come to light in the fifty years since these sad events occurred, as James attempts to present utilizing quotes and judgments for readers to draw their own conclusions, while reflecting on the research work and offering his own views especially on how the subject is presented by “strategists”. 

This special edition of Journey Planet includes photographs of the day by Eamon Melaugh who vividly captured the action. At 49 pages this single subject issue has been worked on for over fourteen years.  

The sadness of the loss for the families can never be undone. 

“Pamphlets, amateur press publications and Fanzines hold a historical place in the ability to independently present to readers views, opinions and subjects which are valid but often overlooked. The format  allows for freedom of expression, without external editorial pressure to curtail or censor and so here we present an issue on a subject that is difficult but we hope a compelling, informative and provoking read.” 

Download the issue here: Issue 72 – Operation Motorman – Journey Planet.

[Based on a press release.]

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