Playing With Full Fannish Decks

By Daniel Dern: I’m not immediately moved to order any for myself — I’ve already got enough interesting (non-magical) card decks (robots, 3D dinosaurs, Alice, etc), but surely some Filers will be bemused, perhaps even moved to acquire. These are the ones that seemed most sfnal, but there’s lots more.

BTW, it looks like you can find many of these decks at significantly better prices (e.g. give or take shipping costs) at (Note, I have not yet ordered from this store/shop)

And a deck for credentials: Bicycle Poker Cats Playing Cards.

Additional decks from Daniel Dern’s own collection.

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5 thoughts on “Playing With Full Fannish Decks

  1. I will occasionally go for Tarot decks* (bc they can serve as mini art collections), but I do have one fancy double-deck set of playing cards, from Anne Braude’s estate, illustrating the 108 heroes of the Chinese epic THE WATER MARGIN (which inspired S.L. Huang’s novel THE WATER OUTLAWS).

    Here’s a link to “World of Playing Cards”, with images of about half the set:
    Characters In The Water Margin deck

    *A few Tarot decks I’ve picked up in recent years include The Literary Tarot (using characters & scenes from literature), and The Pulp Tarot (which takes old pulp magazine covers and Photoshops them into appropriate Tarot cards).

  2. Amusingly enough, one item I bought (decades ago) at the monthly auctions at the (no longer extant) Magic Arts Studio (in Watertown MA, run by the late Ray Goulet) is a Svengali Tarot Deck (or Tarot Svengali Deck, not sure which is the right order) — i.e., a gimmicked deck). I don’t use it often (among other things, mediocre card stock, so handling is so-so; also, not clear mundance audiences would be as amused)(and for all I know, some might consider this inappropriate). Well worth the then-$6 regardless!

  3. Daniel Dern — seeing Ray Goulet’s name mentioned makes me wonder — do you do magic?

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