The 2024 Rhysling Award Finalists

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association’s  juries have chosen the 2024 Rhysling Award finalists from the previously announced longlists

SHORT POEMS (50 finalists)

  • Attn: Prime Real Estate Opportunity!, Emily Ruth Verona, Under Her Eye: A Women in Horror Poetry Collection Volume II
  • The Beauty of Monsters, Angela Liu, Small Wonders 1
  • The Blight of Kezia, Patricia Gomes, HWA Poetry Showcase X
  • The Day We All Died, A Little, Lisa Timpf, Radon 5
  • Deadweight, Jack Cooper, Propel 7
  • Dear Mars, Susan L. Lin, The Sprawl Mag 1.2
  • Dispatches from the Dragon’s Den, Mary Soon Lee, Star*Line 46.2
  • Dr. Jekyll, West Ambrose, Thin Veil Press December
  • First Eclipse: Chang-O and the Jade Hare, Emily Jiang, Uncanny 53
  • Five of Cups Considers Forgiveness, Ali Trotta, The Deadlands 31
  • Gods of the Garden, Steven Withrow, Spectral Realms 19
  • The Goth Girls’ Gun Gang, Marisca Pichette, The Dread Machine 3.2
  • Guiding Star, Tim Jones, Remains to be Told: Dark Tales of Aotearoa, ed. Lee Murray (Clan Destine Press)
  • Hallucinations Gifted to Me by Heatstroke, Morgan L. Ventura, Banshee 15
  • hemiplegic migraine as willing human sacrifice, Ennis Rook Bashe, Eternal Haunted Summer Winter Solstice
  • Hi! I am your Cortical Update!, Mahaila Smith, Star*Line 46.3
  • How to Make the Animal Perfect?, Linda D. Addison, Weird Tales 100
  • I Dreamt They Cast a Trans Girl to Give Birth to the Demon, Jennessa Hester, HAD October
  • Invasive, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, Polar Starlight 9
  • kan-da-ka, Nadaa Hussein, Apparition Lit 23
  • Language as a Form of Breath, Angel Leal, Apparition Lit October
  • The Lantern of September, Scott Couturier, Spectral Realms 19
  • Let Us Dream, Myna Chang, Small Wonders 3
  • The Magician’s Foundling, Angel Leal, Heartlines Spec 2
  • The Man with the Stone Flute, Joshua St. Claire, Abyss & Apex 87
  • Mass-Market Affair, Casey Aimer, Star*Line 46.4
  • Mom’s Surprise, Francis W. Alexander, Tales from the Moonlit Path June
  • A Murder of Crows, Alicia Hilton, Ice Queen 11
  • No One Now Remembers, Geoffrey Landis, Fantasy and Science Fiction Nov./Dec.
  • orion conquers the sky, Maria Zoccula, On Spec 33.2
  • Pines in the Wind, Karen Greenbaum-Maya, The Beautiful Leaves (Bamboo Dart Press)
  • The Poet Responds to an Invitation from the AI on the Moon, T.D. Walker, Radon Journal 5
  • A Prayer for the Surviving, Marisca Pichette, Haven Speculative 9
  • Pre-Nuptial, F. J. Bergmann, The Vampiricon (Mind’s Eye Publications)
  • The Problem of Pain, Anna Cates, Eye on the Telescope 49
  • The Return of the Sauceress, F. J. Bergmann, The Flying Saucer Poetry Review February
  • Sea Change, David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Ann K. Schwader, Scifaikuest May
  • Seed of Power, Linda D. Addison, The Book of Witches ed. Jonathan Strahan (Harper Collins)
  • Sleeping Beauties, Carina Bissett, HWA Poetry Showcase X
  • Solar Punks, J. D. Harlock, The Dread Machine 3.1
  • Song of the Last Hour, Samuel A. Betiku, The Deadlands 22
  • Sphinx, Mary Soon Lee, Asimov’s September/October
  • Storm Watchers (a drabbun), Terrie Leigh Relf, Space & Time
  • Sunflower Astronaut, Charlie Espinosa, Strange Horizons July
  • Three Hearts as One, G. O. Clark, Asimov’s May/June
  • Troy, Carolyn Clink, Polar Starlight 12
  • Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary, John Grey, Medusa’s Kitchen September
  • Under World, Jacqueline West, Carmina Magazine September
  • Walking in the Starry World, John Philip Johnson, Orion’s Belt May
  • Whispers in Ink, Angela Yuriko Smith, Whispers from Beyond (Crystal Lake Publishing)

LONG POEMS (25 finalists)

  • Archivist of a Lost World, Gerri Leen, Eccentric Orbits 4
  • As the witch burns, Marisca Pichette, Fantasy 87
  • Brigid the Poet, Adele Gardner, Eternal Haunted Summer Summer Solstice
  • Coding a Demi-griot (An Olivian Measure), Armoni “Monihymn” Boone, Fiyah 26
  • Cradling Fish, Laura Ma, Strange Horizons May
  • Dream Visions, Melissa Ridley Elmes, Eccentric Orbits 4
  • Eight Dwarfs on Planet X, Avra Margariti, Radon Journal 3
  • The Giants of Kandahar, Anna Cates, Abyss & Apex 88
  • How to Haunt a Northern Lake, Lora Gray, Uncanny 55
  • Impostor Syndrome, Robert Borski, Dreams and Nightmares 124
  • The Incessant Rain, Rhiannon Owens, Evermore 3
  • Interrogation About A Monster During Sleep Paralysis, Angela Liu, Strange Horizons November
  • Little Brown Changeling, Lauren Scharhag, Aphelion 283
  • A Mere Million Miles from Earth, John C. Mannone, Altered Reality April
  • Pilot, Akua Lezli Hope, Black Joy Unbound eds. Stephanie Andrea Allen & Lauren Cherelle (BLF Press)
  • Protocol, Jamie Simpher, Small Wonders 5
  • Sleep Dragon, Herb Kauderer, The Book of Sleep (Written Image Press)
  • Slow Dreaming, Herb Kauderer, The Book of Sleep (Written Image Press)
  • St. Sebastian Goes To Confession, West Ambrose, Mouthfeel 1
  • Value Measure, Joseph Halden and Rhonda Parrish, Dreams and Nightmares 125
  • A Weather of My Own Making, Nnadi Samuel, Silver Blade 56
  • Welcoming the New Girl, Beth Cato, Penumbric October
  • What You Find at the Center, Elizabeth R McClellan, Haven Spec Magazine 12
  • The Witch Makes Her To-Do List, Theodora Goss, Uncanny 50
  • The Year It Changed, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Star*Line 46.4

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