Top 10 Posts for February 2009

The row about Ackerman’s 1953 Hugo made two related posts early favorites to head this month’s list. Then Jerry Pournelle encouraged Chaos Manor readers to view John King Tarpinian’s photos of Niven and Pournelle signing Escape From Hell. That blew the doors off this site, far exceeding the previous record for hits received by a post here.

When Chuck Crayne passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, I wrote a notice that traced the significant role he played in the history of sf conrunning. Chaos Manor linked to that as well – Jerry spent many pleasant hours playing LASFS Poker with Chuck in years gone by. The Crayne obituary was also named the SFWA News site of the week, for which I thank Keith Stokes.

And I appreciated John Scalzi mentioning me on Whatever, with a link to File 770. In the course of explaining that he hadn’t nominated himself for the Best Fan Writer Hugo, John generously listed a dozen or so people he thought were doing good fanwriting right now.

So when I say these were the most-viewed posts in February 2009 according to Google Analytics, “most” barely begins to convey what’s been going on here.

1. Fans Converge on Glendale Bookstore for an Escape From Hell
2. Chuck Crayne Dies Suddenly
3. Ackerman’s Hugo
4. All Over But the Shouting
5. It’s Reno in 2011
6. Toss Those Awards in the Trash?
7. 2009 Pulp Fan Conventions
8. 1000 Novels Everyone Must Read: SF
9. Snapshots 16
10. Bradbury Out to Launch

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts for February 2009

  1. Concerning the Ackerman Hugo Award, it’s not yet “all over but the shouting”, though i hope it does not come to that. As Kevin mentioned a while ago, the Official Hugo Awards page has been corrected to show Forry’s award as a Hugo. But the FOLLE Long List of Hugos and the International SF Database page on the 1953 Hugos still show both the Ackerman and Willy Ley awards as “special awards”.

    I’ll only note that it has been weeks since this became a point of contention, and extraordinary evidence has been presented that leaves no doubt about what these two awards are.

  2. Have you noticed there are also other examples of this on the Long List of Hugos? Look at 1956 and 1958.

  3. Thanks for the head-up, Mike. You should also know that the so-called Official Hugo Awards site ( and ( completely ignores these awards, as if they never existed.

    I’ve made a request for corrections to the the person on the FOLLE committee (David Grubb) who has control of the ISFDB abd FOLLE/NESFA lists. I’m still waiting for him to make a correction for the Ackerman and Ley 1953 awards.

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