Top 10 Stories for April 2023

The announcement that Kimberly Unger won the 2023 Philip K. Dick Award was the most-read post in April.

Then, Svengoolie’s annual appeal for viewers to vote his show another Rondo Award once again led several hundred searchers for the voting link to land here first, pushing that post into the Top 10.

Another pair of stories published some time ago returned to the Top 10 because people, looking to File 770 in its role as a newzine of record, linked to them to show receipts for statements they were making in social media.

Here are last month’s ten most widely-read posts.

  1. 2023 Philip K. Dick Award Winner Announced
  2. Pixel Scroll 4/19/23 Tick, Tock, Said The Pixel, Just Keep Scrolling
  3. Pixel Scroll 4/9/23 Mind The Pixels, And The Scrolls Will File Themselves
  4. Pixel Scroll 4/11/23 Starship Tribbles! Ad Astra Per Felix Flattus!
  5. Flegal and Mohrbacher Respond to Accusations in Video
  6. Pixel Scroll 4/4/23 There’s A Bad Scroll Happening Tonight And Not Even A Pixel Can Stop It
  7. 2023 Rondo Awards Nominees
  8. Pixel Scroll 4/21/23 Like A Pixel, Scrolled For The Very First Time
  9. Pixel Scroll 4/25/23 Careful The Things You Scroll, Children Will Pixel
  10. Judge Decides Against Internet Archive

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