2010 Nova Award Winners

The 2010 Nova Awards for best fanzine, fan writer, and fan artist were presented at Novacon in Nottingham, UK during the November 12 weekend.

Best Fanzine: Journey Planet #7, edited by Christopher J Garcia, Claire Brialey and James Bacon
Best Fan Writer: Mark Plummer
Best Fan Artist: ATom

The winners are determined by a vote of Novacon members. The top three finishers in each category are listed here.

ATom, faanish name of renowned fanartist Arthur Thomson who died in 1990, is the first posthumous Nova winner since the awards were created in 1973. His work continues to be featured in several top British fanzines.

Steve Green said on Facebook, “I must confess I felt a little weird halfway through counting the Nova Award votes, as I looked set to win a Nova of my very own. Still, if I was going to beaten by anyone, Arthur Thomson is one hell of a candidate.”

[Thanks to Steve Green for the story.]

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3 thoughts on “2010 Nova Award Winners

  1. “His work continues to be featured in several top British fanzines.”

    Reprinted or newly found and never before published?

    If reprinted, is that a consistent policy that all reprinted fan work is eligible, or is this a special exception? Just curious, and it was my first thought when I heard, but I haven’t seen an answer yet.

  2. There certainly have been some never before published Atom drawings appearing in the last year, but the wording of the Nova rules suggests that reprinted work also serves to make an artist (or writer) eligible.

    — Mark

  3. Mark’s quite right: the Nova rules make no distinction between reprints and previously unpublished work. Given how many fanzine articles are now developed from blogs, online comments or pieces first aired in apas, confining eligibility to ‘new’ material would be near-impossible.

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