Daniel Dern’s Sunday Dublin 2019 Photos

Yr humble correspondent at the helm

That would be Starship Captain Dern, putting the vessel through its paces

More of Dern’s photos follow the jump.

Peter S Beagle reading

John, dressed for the Hugos, sez hi to Mike

Stark Holborn, Cat Valente


…if only there were some way to elevate them above head level so they could be seen across a crowded room

Phil Foglio and Greg Ketter say hi

Panel: Using Science in Fantasy Writing

Jo Walton, A.T. Greenblatt, Peter Adrian Behravesh, Joe Abercrombie.

Scalzi shows his sneaks before his second reading

Since the earlier one was in a capacity-50 room

Joe and Gay Haldeman

In Q&A after reading, Joe Haldeman says that for a million dollars, he will write about one of our problems… and conveniently I had one with me…

Dern does his magic show in Children’s area

… how do I turn this kid back onto a frog?

One of them is Groot

Atri Tuominen and Kanerva Tuominen

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