Top 10 Stories of July 2023

Last month’s two top stories involved the Chengdu Worldcon’s announcement of this year’s Hugo finalists. The first list, posted prematurely and with some inaccuracies, was withdrawn and news outlets were asked to redact it. File 770’s post got almost 5,000 hits even though the list was gone — possibly another demonstration of Stephen King’s claim that when people see an orange cone by the side of the road they start looking for a body. The correct list was released a few days later and attracted twice as many hits, as it should have.

Absolutely deserving of mention as well is Steve Vertlieb’s article “The Twilight Zone: An Element of Time”, another top-rated post that discussed the beloved series.  

Here are the ten most widely-read posts of July 2023 according to Google Analytics.

  1. 2023 Hugo Finalists
  2. 2023 Hugo Finalists [Redacted]
  3. The Twilight Zone: An Element of Time
  4. Pixel Scroll 7/6/23 The Felix Felis Flattus Sat On The Mat  
  5. Why S. B. Divya Declined Two Hugo Nominations
  6. Michele Lundgren Charged as a Michigan Fake Trump Elector  
  7. How Many Names?  
  8. Announcing the Westfahl Award (And Other Insignificant Science Fiction Awards)
  9. 2022 Shirley Jackson Awards
  10. Pixel Scroll 7/11/23 Practically Perfect Pixels Never Permit Scrolls To Muddle Their Thinking

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