New CUFF Logo

Canadian Unity Fan Fund delegate Kent Pollard has picked the winner of his logo design contest:

I’m pleased to announce that I have selected a design by Canadian Artist Craig Norris to represent my CUFF delegacy. As my gift to CUFF, the logo will be available to future delegates if they care to use it. Craig also provided a number of variations and has indicated that they are freely available for use in promoting CUFF. Craig won the $50.00 price for my logo design contest.

Other variations of the logo are here [PDF file].

Update 09/23/2011: It took some time, but Kent eventually realized that the karate champion TV actor Chuck Norris wasn’t the creator of his logo, it’s Craig Norris. Thanks to Lloyd Penney for passing along the correction.

CUFF Website

Kent Pollard, the latest winner of the Canadian Unity Fan Fund, is assembling a new CUFF website. And he’s looking for an artist to design a logo for CUFF. He’s by no means against getting the artwork free, but has also said:

I am offering a prize (out of my own pocket) of $50.00 if CUFF is permitted to use the design in perpetuity (non-exclusive) online and in printed materials for the fund.

Art submissions and queries can be sent to Kent at: cuff (at)

CanSMOF Awards Scholarships

CanSMOF Inc., parent non-profit organization of Anticipation, the 2009 Worldcon, has announced the winners of its two $500 scholarships given for the purpose of allowing promising conrunners to attend the Smofcon 28 in San Jose.

Kent Pollard of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan won the scholarship open to a Canadian citizen or resident. Norman Cates of Wellington, New Zealand won the scholarship open to anyone regardless of their place of residence or citizenship.