Brass Cannon’s Vietnam Project

Francis Hamit and Leigh Strother-Vien have started an Indiegogo fundraiser for a book project, Coming Home From ‘Nam, an anthology of short memoirs by veterans of the Vietnam War about their experiences when returning to the United States and their hometowns — How they were greeted by strangers, friends and family and the impact of those receptions on their lives then and later.

WHY THIS BOOK? It’s simple. The Vietnam generation is dying out and there should be a record of these experiences made for future generations. We want to collect and curate these stories while there is still time to get the story direct from those who experienced it. There is a lot of myth about negative outcomes, but we are also looking for instances of positive homecomings to balance out this narrative and testimony.

Hamit and Strother-Vien are the owners of Brass Cannon Books, a small independent publisher specializing in military and related narratives. Hamit is a Vietnam veteran and served as an enlisted clerk in an Army Security Agency aviation company in the Mekong Delta in 1968-69. Strother-Vien was a supply specialist with a Pershing missile battalion in Germany between 1980 and 1984

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