New Orleans Worldcon Bid

new orleans 2018The bid to host the 2018 Worldcon in New Orleans has revamped its webpage.

Debi Chowdhury and Rebecca Smith are co-chairs. (The co-chairs used to be Smith and Jessica Styons.) Alex Latzko is Treasurer. Others on the current committee are Tom Veal, Raymond Boudreau, Warren Buff, Michael Guerber, Cordelia Nailong, Hannah Nash, and Kendall Varnell.

The proposed facility is the Hyatt Regency Hotel, across from the Superdome in downtown New Orleans — 300,000 square feet of convention space; eight on-site restaurants/bars, over 1,000 rooms plus 95 suites. (Get more info at the New Orleans Hyatt site.) The Historic French Quarter is close at hand.

Presupport information is here.